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Beijing Yanqing hot springs Dongli neighborhood committee sounded "whistle" multi sector report to clean up the zombie car.

2019-03-22 13:10. beijing evening news TF008

"There is a zombie car in front of building 7 in the east of Ru Lin Street in Yanqing District, which has long been parked on the side of the import and export channel of the District, affecting the residents to travel." Not long ago, a resident in hot springs Dongli community called the city non emergency rescue service center 12345. After receiving the complaint, the neighborhood committee of hot spring Dongli community sounded "whistle", and Yanqing District Housing Construction Commission, district traffic team, and Ru Lin Street Management Department reported to clean up the zombie car.

Chen Wenqi photo

According to Chen Wenqi, deputy director of the community committee of hot spring Dongli community, the zombie car reflected by residents is a white van, which has been parked in the community for two or three years. The community's already tense parking space has been occupied by a zombie car for many years, and many residents are complaining about it. The neighborhood committees have also contacted the regional traffic team, the Ru Lin Street and urban management departments for many times, but the problems have not been effectively solved.

After receiving complaints from residents, the community sounded a rally. Ru Lin Street organization District Housing Construction Committee, district traffic team, street city management, property management, comprehensive management office and other departments on-site verification, posted notices in the vehicle location within a week removed notice.

After a week passed, the owner still did not remove the vehicle. The joint enforcement of multiple departments cleaned up the zombie car and solved the problem of residents' travel. After the completion of the cleanup, the residents who reported the problem to the city's non emergency rescue service center praised the staff of the streets, communities and departments. "The zombie car has cleared away, and it is convenient to drive. The elderly and children are walking safely, and they have done a real job for the residents."


Source: Zhu Yingshuo, Beijing evening news reporter

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