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The 52 conductor of Beijing has a voice in English: he speaks fluent English and can speak a few dialects.

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When sitting on a strange bus and wondering what kind of destination to go to, the conductor's directions and reminders are especially timely, especially when the conductor can bilingual station. Recently, Gu Xiaodong, the 52 bus driver, was red. The tone of the station was as clear as that of the announcer, and he could speak fluent English. Every famous scenic spot or important building at each station would be specially introduced. Passengers were photographed and posted online.

"Next station east of Tiananmen, please take off your belongings with your passengers and go to Tiananmen square to see the passengers who drop the flag, please get off here!" At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the No. 52 bus across Chang'an Avenue from Gu Xiaodong to new village of indigo factory started on time. On every entry and exit station in Chang'an Avenue, he had to follow an English paragraph at the Chinese newspaper station. He was the only one of the 200 salesmen in the entire fleet. He said that this is the core area of the city. As a conductor, he must have a sense of capital and an international view.

Gu Xiaodong entered the convoy at the age of 20. He joined the party in 2006. He began to serve the 52 bus in 2015. It has been 23 years since he became a conductor. His bilingual newspaper station began in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At that time, the service industry in the city started a "English Craze". The zero Foundation began to learn from ABC, and finally passed the oral English test of the Beijing service industry in the countdown to the Olympic Games. But he also worked hard to speak authentic English.

"When I first came to Chang'an Avenue, I was stupid and hard to pronounce. Some words were too written, while others were criticized by Chinglish." Gu Xiaodong said that he listened to the passengers' criticisms and asked him with an open mind. With the help of the passenger, he replaced the "East, West, South and North" in his station name into English localizer, replaced "Station" with "Stop", and sometimes used a mirror to practice his mouth. Slowly, he expanded the context and tried to say "hold steady and support" in English, and translate the names of transfer stations and important buildings into English, so as to prevent anyone from asking such information.

In 2015, due to job mobility, Gu Xiaodong changed from 57 to 52, and the information along the way needs to be recollected. At the beginning of the month, he would get off at every stop, look around the buildings, transfer lines, return to his home, turn on the computer, touch the situation around the 37 sites, including the convenience of the public outlets or even the location of the toilets. Recently, he has tried to translate these messages into English to enrich his oral English.

Over the past few years, Gu Xiaodong has seen the development of China from the foreign friends who asked him on the bus. "Starting to learn English is to integrate with the world. Now the world has begun to take the initiative to integrate with China." The reason for this is that Gu Xiaodong met a foreign old man on the bus. He volunteered to ask her whereabouts in English and asked if she needed help, while the old man thanked him in fluent Chinese. "There are more and more foreigners who speak Chinese in the past few years. When we are thinking about each other's language for each other, we will feel very friendly to each other." Gu Xiaodong said.

Bilingual newspapers often let Gu Xiaodong become the focus of the car. He often heard the dialogue between grandparents and grandchildren about him. The content was mostly that his grandmother encouraged his grandson to speak English as well as he said. When he got off the train, the boy waved goodbye to him and let him feel full of positive energy. Gu Xiaodong's language talent is not only reflected in English, but occasionally a few native accents will make guests from Henan, Sichuan, Shanghai and other places feel at home. He said the conductor should give passengers a sense of direction and influence and appeal.

Why is the ordinary conductor red? The answer is probably here. With the development of the times, the double decker and single car have already cancelled the conductor, leaving only 18 meters long aisle like the 52 Road, which still keeps the conductor, echoing the driver and serving the passengers. In the 3 hours from Ping Yuan to indigo factory new village, Gu Xiaodong stops his head out of the window and looks at the rear of the car at the 64 stop before leaving. Gu Xiaodong said, at present, people always feel that the society no longer needs the profession of bus conductor, because modern new equipment is more convenient, but he thinks that machines can never replace the warmth and love of human beings. As long as he is on duty, he must keep his post and let passengers willingly thumbs up.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qu Jingwei (on duty Wang Haijuan)

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