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Special porcelain bus, 19 cases a year! A brother in Beijing was charged with extortion.

2019-03-20 11:22. beijing evening news TF021

Zhang Haibin, a taxi driver, is looking for a bus to start off, and 19 times a year. Bus drivers fear that most of the performance is private. During the chat, drivers found that many drivers had this experience, and the same taxi for the same person was confirmed to be in touch with the police. This morning, Zhang Haibin was tried in Chaoyang Court for the extortion of suspects. In court, the judge asked Zhang Haibin whether he had considered many passengers on the bus when committing the crime. "No." Zhang Haibin's answer was indifferent.

This morning, Zhang Haibin was tried in Chaoyang Court for the extortion of suspects. Zhang Lei photo

The defendant never considered passengers on account of the crime.

Zhang Haibin is 40 years old and from Beijing. According to Zhang Haibin's statement, he had worked as a bus driver for more than 1 years as early as 2001. Since 2003, Zhang Haibin started driving taxis and changed many companies.

According to the accusation of the public prosecution, between August 2016 and August 2018, Zhang Haibin drove a taxi on the road of West Anhui Road, Anxiang road and so on in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The taxi driver deliberately took part in an accident with the bus and extorted money from bus drivers. The total number of 19 cases was committed, making a profit of more than 4.4 yuan.

Zhang Haibin stated in court that he took advantage of the opportunity of bus connection and drove taxis to accelerate the brakes from the rear side of the bus and brake the bus, causing the bus to be totally responsible for extorting the bus drivers.

In court, the judge asked Zhang Haibin why he chose a bus. Zhang Haibin was silent for a long time, and the defense lawyer gently reminded him to tell the truth. Zhang Haibin said that bus drivers are afraid of company punishment, and most of them are unwilling to take insurance after a traffic accident. After consensus, Zhang Haibin will let the other side through WeChat transfer, each time several hundred to several thousand yuan. "Did you ever consider passengers on the bus when you did this?" The judge asked Zhang Haibin. "No." "Never thought about it?" "No." Zhang Haibin's tone was indifferent.

Bus drivers are afraid of deducting their performance and choosing private solutions.

From the testimony issued by the bus driver, the reporter noticed that the first driver was the bus driver, Yuan master. At 13 o'clock in August 12, 2018, Yuan master drove the 490 bus to the North Fourth Ring Road, Anhui Hui Qiao, west east and west auxiliary road. He just joined the line to enter the Asian Sports Village bus stop. The security guard suddenly reminded him that the rear car had collided. Yuan master hurried off to observe and found a blue yellow Elantra taxi stopped at the right rear side. The left headlight and bumper fell off in front of the car, and the bumper of the right rear side of the bus was hit by a big pits. According to experience, Yuan master deduced that when he was in line with the taxi, he had to rub up. After the two took photos, he stopped the car and went to the roadside to discuss how to deal with it.

The taxi driver said to Yuan master that he had never had an accident before. Then he called a friend to help him. In 5 minutes, his friend arrived and drove a taxi. "His friends came to say that this car got 3000 yuan," Yuan master felt that the 3000 yuan was too much. "He said that he could not pay less, either directly to the money, or to take insurance."

Master yuan and the security personnel of the unit discussed that the safety officer suggested taking the unit insurance, but yuan master chose private. "The unit has only one strong insurance, and the unit insurance will deduct my personal performance and year-end bonus, and I have to lose about fourteen thousand yuan inside and outside."

Because the price negotiation failed, Yuan master called the police, and the police also judged that the accident was the responsibility of Yuan master. Yuan master did not let the police come to the scene, and finally chose to pay 2800 yuan for compensation and the taxi driver was selfish.

The driver thought carefully about not recognizing the "touch porcelain" in chatting with his colleagues.

After careful consideration, Yuan master felt that he had met porcelain. "I had not been responsible for the accident for more than 20 years, but I felt a bit wrong at the scene, but I didn't know what was wrong." "When I join the line, I will definitely keep a safe distance from the rear car. At that time, I also saw the taxi, which has already pulled the distance."

According to Yuan master's recollection, the traces of accidents on taxis look more like impact tracks than rubbing marks. At that time, taxi drivers did not wear their work clothes, which aroused the suspicion of Yuan master.

In the next few days, Yuan master and his colleagues chatted and found that more than one person had encountered similar accidents, and they were all in the same car with them.

In August 27, 2018, when the legal system was carried out, the taxi driver unexpectedly asked for a bus to touch porcelain, and more than 10 people were reported by the pit. According to Zhang Haibin's account, shortly after the broadcasting of the legal system, a friend sent him a link to the program through WeChat. "I want to take a look at the taxi that I drove in the video. I was very angry. I also thought about finding someone who published this message in a few days." But in a few days, Zhang Haibin was detained by the police in September 2nd. Zhang Haibin said he was expelled from the company before being detained by the police.

Zhang Haibin said he was expelled from the company before being detained by the police. Zhang Lei photo

In court in the morning, Zhang Haibin pleaded guilty to the prosecution's allegations, and the case was not pronounced in court.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Lei Zhang Xue (Intern)

Editor: Wang Ningjiang

Process editor: TF021

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