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Beijing Chaoyang Garden Zhabei residential building equipment is broken, who should I look for? The Office responded.

2019-03-01 13:37. beijing evening news TF010

Today, the temperature in Beijing will reach 15 degrees Celsius. In spring, the outdoor activities of the citizens are also increasing. Yesterday, Mr. Hu said that there was a joint of children's slides in the fitness area of Zhabei garden in Chaoyang District garden. The iron plate had been slightly tilted, and it was easy to cut the children playing. We can talk about the maintenance of slides, but we don't know who to look for.

Yesterday evening, the reporter came to the garden in Zhabei District, the slide mentioned by Mr. Hu, in the fitness area before building 11, the opposite side of the fitness zone is the kindergarten. Residents said that after kindergarten, many children came to play in the fitness area. "The weather is not cold enough. When the weather is warmer, the children will be more."

The children's slide in the fitness area is slightly old. The slope of the slide is made of metal plates. The edges of the plates are all rolled downward. The children sit on the top of the iron plate without touching anything sharp. As time went on, the plank was somewhat out of shape, and the corners were also warped, and even the stubble was broken. These details are most worrying for Hu, like the stubble on the slide.

Mr. Hu said that he had discovered this problem when he took his children to slide on the slide the other day. Now the children are still thick enough to wear. There will be no danger. If it is warmer again, the hidden danger will emerge if the thick clothes are removed. "If the child has a delicate skin, the iron stubble on the slide, if it cuts the child, what can he do?"

After finding the problem, Mr. Hu would like to report it immediately. Below the slide, he found the contact information of the manufacturer. Mr. Hu said that the other staff were very enthusiastic and had a good attitude, but mentioned that the slide had passed the warranty period. If the residents had maintenance needs, they could send someone over, but it would involve related costs. As a result, Mr. Hu also wants to know which department should be paid out of money.

This morning, the reporter contacted the manufacturer of the slide and confirmed Mr. Hu's statement. The staff told reporters that the slide in the district was built in 2002, so it is better to replace the new one instead of repairing it. Like this kind of equipment, according to the old national standard, should be 5 years mandatory scrap, according to the new national standard is 8 years of scrapping, now slide is long enough to die, that is, repair, nor can it be maintained for a long time. "Iron! If the roots are rotten, they will be unsafe. The staff also mentioned that there have been similar problems in the district before. Basically, the residents apply to the neighborhood committee, and then report to the streets to solve them.

This morning, the reporter learned from the Gaobeidian regional office that as early as the residents reflected this problem, the regional office had already been concerned about this matter. At present, the office is going to demolish the broken fitness equipment first, while the application of the new fitness equipment installation has been declared to the District Sports Bureau and is waiting for approval. At present, relevant work is in progress.



Source: Beijing evening news, Yiming Wen and photo

Editor: TF10

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