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Commissioner of a traffic inspection station in Huairou, Beijing, received bribes of more than one million yuan for 3 and a half years.

2019-02-14 15:25. Beijing daily client TF008

Lee, 56, was a member of the Huairou district traffic bureau's director of Zhao Zhuang inspection station. Although he was not in a high position, he used his power to bribe millions of yuan. Recently, the Beijing court trial information network made public the decision.

The prosecution alleged that between 2013 and 2017, Lee used to serve as the head of the Huairou transportation vocational skills training school and the director of the Business Administration Office of the Huairou district traffic bureau, providing help to Lee 1 in the promotion of his duties and the establishment of a company, and many times he received 1 yuan and 1134495.97 yuan from Lee. For example, in December 2014, Lee received 1 bank cards sent by Lee and sent 43098.6 cards to buy Nikon brand cameras and Puma wallet and other items during his trip to Hongkong. In April 2015, Li received 1 bank cards sent by Li and bought 49521.87 yuan to buy red coral pendants, necklaces, cigarettes and other items during her trip to Taiwan. In addition, Li also bought a new energy vehicle with Lee's 1 bribe, and also received three star TV, Swan Washing machine, Nikon camera lens and other items, and instructed Lee 1 to pay 14128.5 yuan for himself and his parents.

In addition, from 2015 to 2016, Li used his position as director of the enterprise management office of Huairou District Transportation Bureau, supervising and managing the duty convenience of Beijing Huai Sheng Wang electric bus rental Co., Ltd., a subordinate unit of Huairou District Transportation Bureau. She worked for Huairou life Department of China Ping An Life Insurance company, Beijing branch of Huairou, and Hu Mou, which was hired by Beijing Huai Xing electric passenger car rental Co., Ltd., and received 100000 yuan of thanks each time in early 2015 and early 2016.

Lee was detained by the Huairou District supervisory committee in June 4th last year, and truthfully confessed the facts that the investigation authorities had not grasped and returned all the stolen money.

During the trial, Li also had no objection to the accusation. The court held that Li Moushen used state conveniences to illegally collect other people's property for the benefit of others, and his behavior constituted a crime of bribery. In view of Lee's surrendered circumstances, he actively returned the illegal gains, voluntarily pleaded guilty and accepted punishment, and showed repentance, so he decided to give him a lighter punishment according to law. In the end, the court sentenced Lee to 3 years and 6 months and fined 200 thousand yuan.


Source: Beijing daily client reporter Gao Jian

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