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In order to ensure the safety of the passengers returning home in the early hours of the Spring Festival, their eyes became red.

2019-02-14 13:49. beijing evening news TF017

A pair of red eyes were glued to their respective posts. The more than 8000 guarantee the return journey of people's Spring Festival.

The subway passenger flow is relatively concentrated, and the East-West channel diversion needs Fan Dongdong's continuous guidance.

"Passengers on the subway please come this way." Fan Dongdong seems to be simple in guiding the passengers on the ground floor of Beijing West Railway Station, but it is not so easy to repeat this sentence tens of thousands of times a day. Besides, he has to deal with the special circumstances in his earphone.

More than 10 people in the command center are on duty at night.

Throughout the Spring Festival, Fan Dongdong was very busy. Usually a half hour post, during the Spring Festival has become a car as long as he arrives, he has to work. After the subway stops in the morning, he has to "fight" South Square, to help the ground rental station to maintain order.

The free ferry buses added to the west station have solved the problem of returning home late for many passengers.

Beijing West Railway Station, the largest passenger traffic station in Beijing, has entered the peak of passenger flow back to Beijing from the beginning of five. When the public was in a dream, the Beijing West Railway Station area was still streaming. The night train added to the area was very busy. Beijing West Railway Station, regardless of public security, urban management, armed police, or railway, subway, security, property and other departments, a total of more than 8000 joint duty security. 18 units meet each day to ensure that the arriving passengers will not stay at the station. As long as there are trains arriving, there are people on duty.

During the Spring Festival, the maintenance work of 31 escalators in the southern and central districts was put in the early morning hours, and the staff worked until 4 a.m.

Last night, the reporter followed the security personnel and felt the busy Beijing West Railway Station area. From 10 o'clock last night to 6 o'clock this morning, a total of more than 45000 passengers arrived in Beijing West Railway Station, and many late arrivals added to the station. The passenger flow increased instantly, and the staff rushed to guide passengers to take additional ferry cars, attract taxis, and open temporary lounges. Provide convenience for passengers and speed up dredging.

People in uniform wearing uniform in the crowd ensure the safety of each passenger.

In the early morning, there were busy figures in the Beijing West Railway Station area. The red dress was the staff responsible for the North Square. The yellow clothes were responsible for the South Square area, the underground elevator and the subway exit passenger diversion, the blue was responsible for the underground outbound system, the parking lot and the taxi dispatching station, the black clothes were security, the orange clothes were the cleaning personnel, and the blue vests were volunteers. No matter where their posts are, they work from early morning to six or seven o'clock during the Spring Festival.

In order to attract more taxis to enter the station to transport passengers, the staff prepared free glass water.

They were staring at their respective posts with their red eyes staring at each other, so that the passengers arriving in the morning arrived safely and smoothly.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter An Xudong correspondent Li Ran photo coverage

Process editor: TF017

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