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Don't forget the red envelopes in the Spring Festival Gala.

2019-02-13 22:40. beijing evening news TF019

900 million cash, 20 billion 800 million interaction, new year's Eve Baidu and CCTV Spring Festival evening Cooperation red envelope interaction can be full of eyeballs. Baidu App yesterday through official micro-blog reminded the majority of users who had toil to the red envelopes, as soon as possible to receive cash bonus and golden pig, Iqiyi VIP card and other incentives, and announced that the original red envelope withdrawals deadline extended from February 11th to February 16th.

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Baidu Spring Festival red envelopes interaction includes 100 million activities: "good luck is divided into 100 million", "reunion red packets" and "Spring Festival evening red packets 900 million". According to the original rules, users need to complete relevant red cash presentation and prizes collection before 24 February 11th. However, it may be because the deadline was not noticed. Some users said that they had not been able to get the results when they just remembered. To this end, Baidu has extended the time of three activities, including the "lucky 100 million" and the "Spring Festival red envelopes 900 million" bonus, the deadline for the award to extend to 0 points in February 16, 2019, "the reunion red pack million" activities at the end of the time is 23:59 February 16th 59 seconds.

After 8 o'clock in February 5th, many users found that the red envelopes on the eve of Spring Festival Gala and the red envelopes brought by lucky card activities had been shown to the accounts. Click on "cash to cash" can be presented to the bank cards in the purse of the purse, and the red packets that were received every day from the January 28th reunion activities were usually 24 hours later.

Reporters found that unlike WeChat and Alipay red envelopes in previous years, Baidu users are not familiar with Baidu, and are not familiar with Baidu's red packets. To this end, the team gave a detailed "bag for security" operation: first step, first find the amount from different activities page, click on the amount or after the "withdraw cash" / "money", you can withdraw to "the small full purse"; the second step, from the application of small full wallet to bank card; all the activities of the Spring Festival cash bonus to cash purse account, generally not more than 24 hours, after the examination and approval can be put to the bank card, during the Spring Festival according to the situation of different banks usually 1-4 days to arrive. Users can find a wallet in Baidu App's "my" column, or download a special "App", which can be presented in the account balance.

Reporters learned that Baidu will continue to send red envelopes on the fifteen Lantern Festival of CCTV, with a total sum of 200 million yuan.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Pinqiu supervised Feng Rui on duty.

Process editor: tf019

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