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Spring Festival data group: 90 after active 80 family home Beijing Guangzhou Chongqing receive the most red packets

2019-02-12 14:33. beijing evening news TF011

How many red envelopes did you get in the Spring Festival this year? How much does it cost to pay for credit card? What is the most popular new year product? Where have all the outbound tours gone? WeChat, China UnionPay, Jingdong and Suning released the Spring Festival data in 2019, and wrote a summary of the Spring Festival just in the past.

From the new year's Eve to the fifth day of the first five year plan, the volume of news sent by WeChat in China increased by 64.2% over the same period last year. A total of 823 million people received and sent WeChat red packets, an increase of 7.12% over the same period last year. "After 90" has become the most active user group on WeChat, and has achieved six "most": the most WeChat messages, the most friends circle, the most expression packets, the most frequently received WeChat envelopes, the longest reading time and the highest number of outbound visitors. In the new year's Eve to the fifth of, the total number of WeChat's red packets received, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing became the top three recipients.

During the new year's Eve to the fifth day of, the total number of users of the WeChat movement took 9 trillion and 630 billion steps. According to the average 0.5 meters per step, it can take about 120 thousand circles around the earth. Among them, 130 million people walked out of more than 10000 steps. In the new year's day, there are more people taking more than 10000 steps, but at the same time, WeChat has more than 100 steps. In the less than 100 steps of the number of users, "80" and "90" accounted for 60.7% overall. Some people exercise, some people read. During the new year's Eve to the fifth day of the year, WeChat users read a total of 15 million 100 thousand hours.

In addition, WeChat paid the pace of returning home after the Spring Festival, showing the growth of "migratory bird type consumption". During the Spring Festival, there were 1 billion 240 million "migratory bird consumption" in the whole country, and the peak year twenty-nine is the peak of "migratory bird type consumption".

From the data of China UnionPay, we can see that the consumption of Spring Festival is strong. During the Spring Festival Eve to the sixth day of the Spring Festival this year, the online trading of China UnionPay has set a new record for the long holiday of the Spring Festival. The total amount of transactions has exceeded the trillion level for the first time, reaching 1 trillion and 160 billion yuan, an increase of 71.4% over the same period last year.

In addition, according to the UnionPay data, the number of outbound travel increased significantly during the Spring Festival holiday this year, and the travel related consumption volume of travel agencies, large scenic spots ticketing, hotel accommodation and so on increased by more than 90% over the same period last year.

This Spring Festival online shopping also did not rest. According to the data released by Jingdong, Guangdong users spend the most on New Year's goods, while Beijing users follow second place. In terms of user preferences, "post-90s" like personal consumer goods such as cell phones, watches and clocks, etc. Of course, the popularity of all age products is related to "eating", such as the most popular product of Suning Spring Festival: nuts gift pack.



Source: Beijing Evening News

Reporter Yin Yue Yue Zhang Pinqiu Yang Bin Wen Yan Tong photo

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