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Li Yuchun and 85 year old Pingtan champion Zhao Kaisheng play the "Jasmine Flower".

2019-02-05 11:36. beijing evening news TF008

Dongfang satellite TV launched the Spring Festival Oriental 2019 Spring Festival Gala at 19:30 today. The whole Spring Festival Gala highlighted the elements of the "national wind". It used the Chinese traditional concept of "landscape freehand brushwork" to create the first 270 degree Chinese wind solid stage, which meant the Oriental TV's good wishes to the global Chinese people.

This year's stage effect of Dongfang satellite TV, with the concept of Chinese traditional "landscape freehand brushwork" as its concept, has created the first 270 dimensional Chinese wind stereoscopic stage. The traditional Chinese landscape painting has been transformed into a nine - stage, dreamlike stage through the outline of Fei Yuqing.

In order to integrate with the unique national wind stage, Li Yuchun chose the Guofeng song "Millennium Tour" specially in the Oriental TV Spring Festival Gala. In addition, Li Yuchun added a special task to learn Chinese traditional instruments. He studied the three strings to Mr. Zhao Kai Sheng, a 85 year old Pingtan master, and played the jasmine together.

Just now, TFBOYS has completed the transition from "Idol" to actor and singer. Three big boys will sing three songs on the stage of the East satellite TV Spring Festival Gala. These three songs are "Heart", "imperfect child" and "you". Besides, three people will also sing a complete song like you.

Liu Haoran's large-scale magic scene show "Dragon Master" is also one of the highlights of the Oriental TV Gala. Under the help of stage 270 ring screen, Liu Haoran and his good friend in the movie "tame Dragon Master 3" have no teeth, will lead the audience into the mysterious dragon world.

In addition to young artists, this time, Oriental TV also did not forget to bring a wave of "memory kill". Old artist Li Guyi, accompanied by Huo Zun, sang live, such as "ink and ink", "love in the countryside", "a flower of a dream", and the surprise appearance of the old artist Zhu Fengbo. In those days, "South Zhu Bei Li" was once the two artist in the 70s and 80s of last century in the literature and art circles. They are not only a classic, but also a miniature of the progress of the times.

In addition, Gong Hanlin, Liu Liu, Liu Yajin and other "flying over the elderly homes", actively look at the aging society, actively look at the elderly and elderly life, pay attention to the spiritual needs of the elderly. The new comic dialogue people in the comic dialogue family show a warm story in humor, showing the spirit of the times in China, and letting the audience experience a hundred taste of life.

This year's Oriental TV Gala will continue to play and mix together. Jia Bing, Han Xue and Fang Fang will play the short sketch. Han Xue will also play Liao Changyong, Shang Wenjie together with the new ballads of Pingtan, Bel Canto and electronic voice. Braid elder brother Zhang Yunlei and Fei Yuqing, two people not only spoke the comic dialogue "two people become the tune", but also sang the song "flower Qingshui River" together. Qiao Shan joined Li Yugang, Allen Lin and the girl bee team of the female group to perform the musical comedy "who is the little prince of hot songs".

2019 Oriental Spring Festival Gala, India film star Amir Khan joins in Shanghai's square dance and fitness dance team in front of the most landmark landmark of Shanghai. Liu Cixin, author of trisomy, will also join hands with Chinese astronauts to present the first screen of the screen, "the motherland will not forget".


Source: Qiu Wei, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: tf008

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