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Ge You first show how effective? How do you see?

2019-02-04 22:47 Beijing daily client TF021

To say the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the biggest surprise is, by Ge You, Cai Ming, Pan Changjiang and Joe fir, Zhai Tianlin appeared in the sketch "" son "to the". Watch before this secret, this is comedian Ge You for the first time in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the sketch show, he and Cai Ming, Pan Changjiang, Qiao Shan collocation and other comedians also let the audience feel looking forward to.

In order to show the elderly encounter health trap for inspiration, narrated by Cai Ming in the old lady in the tour after three days of health lectures, played by Ge You to buy eight thousand swindlers Huyou mattresses and one hundred and eighty thousand yuan of space sleeping cabin. The whole story is a continuation of the previous style of Ge You and starring Feng Xiaogang works style comedy film, played by Ge You crooks not only glib, and tone lines with ridicule and humor, "said one family what not cheat cheat" "Interpol, I see the line and other lines, and to upgrade the new version of" Ge You and lie "and Pan Changjiang stretched higher than bursting point, quickly boarded the micro-blog hot search, the broadcast time become the focus of heated debate.

See Ge You, hear the tone of his voice or speech will have a look at the surreal feeling." "Uncle Ge You in the poker-faced blind vernacular, dreaming of" feeling "Be There Or Be Square." The star Ge You and Ge You was indeed cheater image hesuipian "Be There Or Be Square" "Party B" and the image of temperament is very amused garrulous match, and screenwriter beam Hwan creation really has reached the level of the previous evening show classic comedy.

Prior to the interview, actor Cai Ming had mentioned this year's work to bring Zhai Tian Lin and Ge You both "new", and the Spring Festival Gala on new regulars Pan Changjiang praise, "that they have certainly not the same, at least in our team and enrich the fresh strength, and this is not generally a fresh power fresh strength." From the scene to see the results of Ge You from the appearance of its own "fruit laugh, almost lines are amusing, as well as between Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming, with no point of view, this essay did meet the full of expectations of the audience, is also expected to become the most worthy of the spring back to see comedy program.

It is understood that after the Spring Festival Gala language group director Zhao Yue in an interview said that Ge You as the show new "really rarely in the sketch stage", it is a kind of rare viewing experience, so this sketch comedy has been enlarged. The comedy screenwriter beam Hwan also disclosed that "the audience of Ge You's love is from the heart, really is what he said the audience laugh."


Source: Beijing daily client

Author: Li Xiazhi producer: Fang Fang

Editor: Zeng Allison

Edit process: TF021

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