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The kitchen app collapse "program ape siege lion" active in overtime in the army

2019-02-04 22:33 beijing evening news TF008

The dinner on New Year's Eve waiting on the table, many young people rely on the delicacy recipes APP but temporary collapse? This can be very anxious cramming the netizens.

In February 4th (year thirty) 4 pm, APP Kitchen Recipes delicacy due to landing too many users, sudden search problem, after landing the corresponding menu displays only the search system error (Not Found).

The news quickly rushed to the micro-blog hot search, netizens have joked, "said the dinner to show that we are now studying the menu?" "I have, under the oil pan, and hurried off the fire, my mother asked me how to do, I say it is not too hungry. Trouble a little faster programmer "and" millions of people in the open book examination, so become a closed book to"...... Young people learn to do dishes but in the temporary APP crash, attracted more than a year of humor and laughter.

In this regard, the kitchen APP on the official micro-blog said, "due to a server failure, leading to the present to visit the kitchen APP, the programmer is fully repaired, we will progress to you in the first time feedback." Until February 4th at 19:16 in the evening, the kitchen APP announced the full restoration of normal use. Statistics show that the "kitchen" website in March 2011 officially launched, provides food for food, kitchen supplies purchase and menu query, sharing service. According to the ratio of consulting monitoring data show that the second quarter of 2018, the kitchen APP average monthly number of active users to 10 million 161 thousand people, ranking first in the community in the application of delicacy.

At present, the kitchen has completed the CRE capital lead investor, Jingdong with the cast of B $30 million round of financing. It is worth noting that the emergency repair work overtime kitchen APP program ape "has become the focus of attention of many users. The reporter learned that, compared with the previous year adhere to the line of doctors, police, more and more Internet programmers become new groups during the holiday overtime.

Some netizens pointed out that during the Spring Festival, Baidu, Alipay, vibrato, as the other Internet Co sounded "red war horn sounded, there are probably more" Bob "," siege lion "is active in overtime in the army.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yuan Lu

Editor: tf008

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