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App in the kitchen collapsed, "the program ape attack City lion" was active in the overtime force.

2019-02-04 22:33. beijing evening news TF008

When the new year's Eve was waiting for dinner, the APP, which was highly dependent on young people, fell apart. This can quickly destroy the "temporary cramming" netizens.

February 4th (big year thirty) at around 4 p.m., the kitchen menu was suspected to be too many users due to the APP menu. The search problem suddenly appeared, and the corresponding menu was searched after landing. Only Not Found was shown.

The news quickly rushed to micro-blog's hot search, and netizens laughed at it, saying, "good food is going to show up. Are you all learning recipes now?" "I put oil under the pan, and quickly closed the fire. My mother asked me why I didn't do it. I said it wasn't too hungry. "Trouble the programmer faster", "millions of people's open book exam, it has become a closed naked exam"...... When young people temporarily learn to cook dishes, they encounter APP collapse, which leads to more humour and laughter on New Year's Eve.

In this regard, the kitchen APP in official micro-blog said, "due to server failure, leading to the current failure to visit the kitchen APP, programmers are in full repair, we will also feedback the progress to you at the first time." It was not until 19:16 pm on February 4th that the kitchen APP announced its full recovery. Statistics show that the "kitchen" website was formally launched in March 2011, providing food, kitchen supplies and recipes query and sharing services. According to consultancy monitoring data, the number of active APP users in the kitchen in the second quarter of 2018 was 10 million 161 thousand, ranking the first among the gourmet communities.

At present, the lower kitchen has completed the investment of Huachang capital, and Jingdong has invested $30 million in B round. It is worth noting that urgent overtime repair of the kitchen APP "program ape" has become the focus of attention of many netizens. Reporters learned that compared with the new year's Eve doctors and police who are sticking to the frontline, more and more Internet programmers have become a new group of overtime workers during the festival.

Some netizens pointed out that during the Spring Festival, Baidu, Alipay, jitter, micro vision and other Internet Co sounded the clarion call of "red packets war", and perhaps more "program ape" and "siege lion" were active in the overtime force.


Source: Yuan Lu, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: tf008

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