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2019 Spring Festival red envelopes interact 9 billion 200 million times! Don't shake it, don't worry. There are three rounds left.

2019-02-04 21:46. beijing evening news TF008

CCTV Spring Festival Gala is on the air. Watching the programs and grabbing red envelopes is a way for many people to celebrate the new year. Baidu is the exclusive red envelopes interactive platform for this Spring Festival Gala. The first round of shaking the red envelope has ended. As of 21:00 today, the global audience participated in Baidu APP red envelope interaction 9 billion 200 million times.

According to reports, the first round of the total issue of 300 million cash red packets, including 10 million 20.19 yuan cash envelopes and a number of red envelopes. Users open the Baidu APP home page and shake it to participate in interaction.

The Spring Festival red envelopes were divided into four rounds, with the theme of "lucky luck", "star wants to succeed", "happy reunion" and "dream come true". The first round is to shake the red envelope, the total amount is 300 million; the second round is the small video red envelope, the total amount is 300 million; the third round is the voice interactive red envelope, the total amount is 200 million; the fourth round is also shaking the red envelope, the total amount is 100 million.

The red envelopes this spring festival will not only create a new record in terms of money, but also combine the red envelopes interactive way of artificial intelligence, and for the first time introduce voice interaction into Spring Festival evening red envelopes.


Source: Yin Chengyue, Beijing evening news reporter

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