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The 2019 Spring Festival Gala RED Interactive 9 billion 200 million times! Not shake to wait, and after three

2019-02-04 21:46 beijing evening news TF008

CCTV "Spring Festival" is being broadcast, watching the show and grab a red envelope as many people celebrate the way. Baidu as the exclusive Red Spring Festival interactive platform, the first round shake red activity has ended. At 21:00 today, global audience participation in the Baidu APP RED Interactive 9 billion 200 million times.

According to reports, the first round of distributed a total of 300 million cash envelopes, including 10 million 20.19 yuan in cash envelopes and some envelopes. The user opens the APP home page Baidu shake you can participate in interactive.

The Spring Festival is divided into the four round of red interactive theme were issued, "luck", "star come true", "happy reunion", "a dream come true". The first round to shake a red envelope, the total amount of 300 million; the second round small video red envelopes, the total amount of 300 million; the third is the voice interactive red envelopes, the total amount of 200 million; the fourth round is also a shake envelopes, the total amount of 100 million.

Spring Festival this year, not only in the amount of red envelopes will create a record high, but also a combination of artificial intelligence and experience interact red, for the first time the introduction of voice interactive show red.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yin Chengyue

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