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Beijing Municipal Party committee secretary Cai Qi, mayor Chen Jining condolences to them, in the new year's eve!

2019-02-04 20:57 General Administration TF021

Today is celebrating, reunion on New Year's Eve, city leaders concerned about the cadres and workers of the Spring Festival holiday adhere to the front line. Party secretary Cai Qi in the core area of Beijing city emergency command center and check each department on duty on duty situation, into the markets, tap water factory and cleaning center, stick to the cadres and workers in the market supply, water supply and sanitation security posts send sincere greetings, and give everyone a happy year. Cai Qi stressed that "the cadres at all levels should adhere to the post, the people live a good day, on duty duty, to ensure market supply, strengthen the safety management of the temple and other crowded places, do fireworks restriction and put the work of fire prevention, accident prevention, to maintain the city public safety, to ensure the festival society smoothly and orderly, let the masses of people a a happy and peaceful festive spring festival. Deputy secretary and mayor Chen Jining with condolences.

The Festival Beijing everywhere decorated Pumianerlai thick flavor. The vegetable market sources in Beijing is famous for "red" food market. Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, drinks and people with a superb collection of beautiful things, bursting with happiness bags carefully with special purchases for the Spring Festival. Cai Qirong into the passenger and customer streams of people busily coming and going, warmly greeted, exchanged greetings. He has walked a few stalls, ask price, listen to their talk, stall business". "Passenger" how "supply can keep up," Cai Qi asked in detail. He said, to meet the market demand, convenient shopping, is the biggest contribution you have made, I wish you Business Flourishes, Yueguoyuehao days. See the city leaders, 86 year old Zhang Shulan Cai Qi walked around, could not praise "shopping convenient and satisfied." The market Gouxiaoliangwang, a flourishing.

Water is the lifeblood of the city. City tap water group second water shouldering the task of around 200 thousand people, water supply. Cai Qi asked in detail about the water supply security and emergency guard case. In the yard, emergency repair team full of spirit, combat readiness. Cai Qi said, you are hard city guards, I hope you stick to their posts, for the public to reflect the problems, timely emergency repair, with our hard work in exchange for public good day. He also picked up randomly placed in the corner of the fire extinguisher, careful observation and effective date.

Xicheng District Accor cleaning service center sweeping machine team, from electric two small and flexible cleaning cars to large sweeping machine, all kinds of vehicles neatly. Cai Qi carefully to understand the road cleaning coverage, vehicle emergency safeguard etc.. Said Cai Qi, fully equipped for sanitation workers face in fine fig, and you are the city's beautician, is an important force in city operation indispensable. We want to carry forward the spirit of Shi Chuanxiang, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of dirty, tired, go all out to do during the holiday season especially to do the cleaning work, cleaning Hutong alleys, keep the appearance of the city clean and tidy. Cai Qi also told the evening, sanitation workers, work hard, to make reasonable arrangements on duty schedule, work and rest. To do the logistics, let employees stick to their posts and warm in the new year's Eve to eat dumplings.

City leaders Zhang Yankun, Cui Shuqiang, Wang Hong, Secretary General of the municipal government in Jin Wei.

Source: General Administration

Author: Xu Feipeng Photography: Dai Bing

Edit process: TF021

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