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Xicheng District 2 Culture Museum in Beijing city with the Longquan community residents together

2019-02-04 15:09 beijing evening news TF015

Coreopsis Baochun potpourri silver * Hannaford million folk music, writing couplets, paste character, happy new year, happy new year. This morning in Xicheng District Taoranting Park street Longquan community activity room, laughing bustling. This year we Xicheng District second Museum Volunteer art squad will be gathered here, and the people of the area have the Spring Festival together.

The show is comic, songs, drama, dance, recitation, drum music and other art forms, the program is rich, diverse forms. The host is humorous, on stage interaction, active atmosphere. The get-together in the sweet song "dance" in the curtain; the crisp bamboo flute will be deep and deep into the heart of homesickness; outstanding actor Chen Nana Guqu brought Guqu performing "one hundred eight" single state, the audience applauded again and again, continuous applause; Pingju opera and song "," plum like Hebei Bangzi "hit" the Golden Bough are you from the traditional repertoire of music for having heard it many times, when many of the audience to sing along with it, a face filled with a happy smile; "happy moment," comic "Youth" China recitation language class program is to show activity with a boom; finally in the woodwind quartet "beautiful prairie my home", "dance" in bursting with happiness toward the end of the show, the audience is still not, reluctant to leave and applause, thanks sent such a good cultural programs to bring art into our lives.

The most exciting is the leadership and colleagues who personally culture museum pieces and couplets to the streets "residents, convey good wishes to everyone present. Longquan neighborhood community to thank the Xicheng District culture center support over the years and pay, made banner "thanks" to the table.

The second Xicheng District Culture Museum and the Longquan community is to build units, over the years, the use of holidays, carried out a series of cultural Huimin services, resource sharing, mutual love, mutual efforts to create a civilized and harmonious happy community. This activity is based on the Central Propaganda Department of municipal Party committee and the work requirements and deployment, in the Spring Festival approaching, the organization cadres and business culture volunteers a total of more than 30 people into the Taoranting Park street Longquan community to carry out our China dream cultural households a series of activities, to spend the traditional Festival, the imagination of China dream. The new year we have a new hope, a new journey bearing new dream, in 2019 we will usher in the 70th anniversary, the staff of our museum, roll up your sleeves and go, send more excellent works for the jurisdiction of the grassroots people, transfer the voice of the party and care for the 70th anniversary gift!

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yan Tongwen bingshe

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