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On the thirty staged a warm heart! Beijing bus 840 emergency personnel to help the elderly happy fainted

2019-02-04 13:51 Beijing daily TF021

On the thirty morning, Beijing bus passenger six branch 840 road driver Haifeng Ding held in line operation, about 7:10, reaching the Yellow Village West Street station, an elderly passengers suddenly faint in the ground, the conductor Zhang Xiuli and guard Yang Yuntao immediately get off the view, and quickly call the 120 emergency call.

However, the nearest ambulance also takes a few minutes to come, this station is less than 200 meters from the district hospital. The driver master Haifeng Ding and Yang Yuntao, make a prompt decision, the ticket Zhang Xiuli together to lift passengers on the bus, immediately to the recent Daxing District hospital. The car all the passengers have to get off to transfer to other vehicles, no one complained, all agreed to give the patient help.

To the hospital, the driver, conductor and security staff split up, registration, and contact their families, care for the elderly, three people busy, until the passengers no right to leave, to put into operation. The families of the passengers to their rescue with benevolence heartfelt thanks.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Sun Hongyang

Edit process: TF021

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