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Are the 230 couplets "Qianlong"? Vice president of the Imperial Palace uncovers the secret book of the Imperial Palace Spring Festival couplets

2019-02-04 13:47. Beijing daily TF021

The Spring Festival couplets are placed on New Year's Eve. The 230 gates and palaces in the Forbidden City have been attached to Spring Festival couplets and door gods for hundreds of years. How to read the Spring Festival couplets? Many tourists are not sure. Ren Wanping, vice president of the the Imperial Palace Museum, revealed that the Spring Festival couplets posted on the Imperial Palace this year were "Qianlong". Generally speaking, short words have a strong regularity, and many words have weak regularity.

The 230 couplets hanging out of the Spring Festival this year are actually 116. They all come from antithetical couplets in the the Imperial Palace museum's collections, as well as archives, couplets and clumps (Dao Guang's twenty year edition of Guilin's block printed edition), and "Ji Ji Zhai Cong Lu" (Guangxu block printed edition).

The 79 palaces are labeled "original" Spring Festival couplets. These are documented in the the Imperial Palace. Others are based on the connotations of words and the functions of palaces as far as possible.

There are also individual considerations from other angles. For example, "hundreds of millions of people live up to 100 million lives, and Tai Ping is worth Tai Ping Chun". It comes from Qian Longdi's thirty-seven year "New Year's day trial pen" poem. It is painted in the Jade Emperor's garden of the Ning Shou palace garden (commonly known as Qianlong garden). Jade Pavilion is not open area, and its location is closer to the north exit of the treasure hall, so it is pasted on the Zhen Shun gate at the north exit of the treasure hall.

A happy spring festival couplet was posted, but how to read it turned out to be a scratching head. Actually, there is a knack for reading the Imperial Palace couplets.

Read right first, then read left. The the Imperial Palace couplets did not convert traditional characters into simplified ones. They were echoed with the traditional plaque inscribed on the palace gate. Therefore, the layout of the upper and lower couplets was also in accordance with the order of the upper link in the right and the lower part in the left order, in order to conform to the ancient law of writing and reading from right to left.

Ren Wanping explained that most of these couplets were not easy to understand. Under normal circumstances, the rule of short words is short, and the regularity of long words is weak. Let me give you a few examples:

The 5 character union is divided according to 2/3, for example: Tiandi / San Yang Tai, Qian Kun / WAN Guo Chun.

The 7 characters are divided according to 4/3, for example, the spring / Spring Festival.

9 characters are divided by 5/4 or 4/5. According to 4/5 segmentation, such as: Fairy battle five cloud / Luan Ming and flourishing age, Germany car seven places / Dragon angle transit midheaven; according to 5/4 sub section, such as: Hua Li San Yang / spring back to Yu Dian, wind and all nations / music playing Yu string.

10 characters are divided by 5/5 or 4/6. According to 5/5 sub section, such as: Wanhua turn to Xuan Shu / this day, and local, one yuan Rui pod / capital to start a career. According to 4/6 sub section, such as: Lin Ding, Kun Yu / Ye Er Nan in Tong Guan, Xing Xuan moon Hall / match with Yu Danchen, song, Jiao pepper / 100 Zi pool edge is warm, the beginning of floating leaves / ten thousand years branch spring sunny.

11 words are divided by 4/7 or 5/6. For example, according to the 4/7 segmentation, that is, read 4 words first, read 7 words again, and 7 words can also be divided into 7 characters, such as: Li Li Danshan / cloud around the flag, feifeng feathers, Xiang opened Purple Forbidden people / people from dragon house to dragon light. According to 5/6 segmentation, that is, read 5 words first, read 6 words again, 5 words can also be divided into 5 characters, such as: Ren Shou Shou Fu / WAN Guo Shu will be very good, and Mun Ding / nine days, sun and moon shine.

The 12 words are divided according to 5/7, and 5 or 7 words can be divided into 5 or 7 characters, such as: Longde Zhongtian / Sihai Yongxi Fu Guang Yun, Fengcheng back to Beidou / WAN bang and Xie Song Ping Zhang.

13 words are divided according to /3/4/6 or 5/4/4 or 6/7 or 7/6. According to /3/4/6 segmentation, such as: Huan / Rui Xing Nebula / common see Yao Shun Shun robe, Chai Zhen Fu / Liu Liu / long gold mirror beads. According to 5/4/4 segmentation, such as: Yu Yu Ben Zhong / Yue Ming Ming / Zhi Cheng PI Ying, Yin Qing Fu up and down / is also temporary Paul / Jingde Zhao Xuan. According to 6/7 segmentation, such as: timely declaration like salty Yi / Rui, Qingyang opened left, Mao de condensate hole thick / Xiang Yan purple Wei central wall. According to 7/6 segmentation, such as: million million Ting Xi Yan Hong / Baoding from Tian Kong solid, the three thousand circles of heavy Hei harmony / harmony and material spring.

The 14 characters are divided according to 4/4/6, such as: three Ling and Yan / nine clothes Qingyi / Wei Huan articles are booming, Xiang Xiang is Lin / Hua Chi Garden / Taiping picture opens.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Liu Mian

Process editor: TF021

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