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230 antithetical couplet are "Qianlong" book? The vice president of the Imperial Palace the Imperial Palace couplets ""

2019-02-04 13:47 Beijing daily TF021

On the eve of Spring Festival couplets, new year. The Forbidden City and the palace gate at 230 in 100 years before the Spring Festival couplets, cech. How to read couplets? Many tourists are not allowed to take. Vice President Ren Wanping secret the Imperial Palace Museum, the Imperial Palace this year posted couplets are "Qianlong" book. Usually fewer words short coupling strong regularity, regularity of the long word much weak, not even rule.

The Spring Festival this year to hang out 230 antithetical couplet, is actually 116, words are derived from the the Imperial Palace Museum of Tibetan cultural relics in the archives, as well as "poetic couplet, couplet plexus words" (Dao Guang twenty years in Guilin department, "Yang Zhai Ke Ben) Ji Zhai Cong recorded" (Guangxu edition).

The 79 palace labeled "original" couplets. The Imperial Palace, which are available in the literature. Another is based on the connotation of the palace and diction as far as possible, the selection function.

There are individual account from other angles, such as "hundreds of millions of people by hundreds of years of longevity, tepping value of Thai spring" from Qian Longdi, 37 years "New Year's day, try it in the pen" poem, ningshou palace garden (commonly known as Qianlong garden) jade Cuixuan Ming tieluo painting is the painting of the antithetical couplet, and antithetical couplet when the big Bachelor of Dong Gao book. Jade Cuixuan is not open, but its position from the north exit near the museum treasures, so posted on the treasure hall north exit of the Ching Shun door.

A picture of the festive couplets posted, how to read, but it became a difficult thing. In fact, read the the Imperial Palace couplets with tips.

"Read right, left after reading". The the Imperial Palace posted antithetical couplet, does not convert to traditional Chinese simplified, is echoing with the paste by the traditional Chinese palace plaque, so the layout is in accordance with the upper and lower part in right lower left, in order to meet the ancients from right to left writing and reading of the law.

Ren Wanping explained that most of these allusions antithetical couplet is not easy to understand. In general, fewer words short coupling strong regularity, regularity of the long word much weak or no rules. A few examples:

5 word in accordance with 2/3 section, such as: Heaven and earth / sanyangtai, Qiankun / 000 guochun.

7 word according to 4/3 sections, such as: spring light / light / turn recently with Jinbang Yu chen.

9 word according to 5/4 or 4/5 segment. According to the 4/5 section, such as: Xian Luan Ming and Wu Yun / battle spirit, German car seven places / longjiaoshan transport transit; according to 5/4 segment, such as: Railey Sanyang / Yu spring back to Austin, a wind and the Universal Music / Yu string.

10 words linked by 5/5 or 4/6 segment. According to the 5/5 section, such as: all the day and turn Xuan pin / local, one yuan / sukemoto to convert pod rachel. According to the 4/6 section, such as: Lin Zhong Shen / ER Nan leaves to set the red tube, star Xuan Temple month / de Yu Danchen Chung Kai; pepper flower / 100 sub pool warm day, the beginning / wanyaz on floating leaf spring.

11 words in 4/7 or 5/6 section. According to the 4/7 section, first read 4 words, read 7 words, 7 words can also be according to the 7 word segmentation, such as: Danshan Li Hui Feng Yu / cloud around the flags, open from the forbidden / Xiang Kun Lung light. According to the 5/6 section, first read 5 words, read 6 words, 5 words can also be according to the 5 word segmentation, such as: the grip of Qianfu international car book, and cotton / nine days of sun Qi Ding Lu light.

12 words in Section 5, 5/7, 7 characters can also press 5, 7 word segmentation, such as: Longde is Zhongtian Sihai Yong Xi Fu Guangyun, Fengcheng Beidou / IMC and back to Song Ping zhang.

13 words in /3/4/6 or 5/4/4 or 6/7 or 7/6 segment. According to the /3/4/6 segment, such as ring design Yi / / see Yao Huan Rui Nebula Jin Shun Zhen Fu / Ti robe, extraction flow as load / long Phi gold Jingzhu capsule. According to the 5/4/4 section, such as: the Weiyu and / Yue Ming / PI Zhicheng once said, Yin Qing Fu on Pro / also also guarantees grindstead Zhao xuan. According to the 6/7 section, such as: Shun Xuan as Xian Yi Rui Qingyang / shoe left open, Mao de Ti / Xiang Yan thick hole Ning Wei Ziqi Zhongyuan. According to the 7/6 section, such as: Lingxi billion million Hong Xian extension / Baoding since the days of the three thousand hole solid, shigehiro Jian / peace and the same consistent spring.

14 words in 4/4/6 sections, such as: Ling and Yan / nine / the Swiss Wei Huan Xiang Feng Lin, Hua Pu / Zhicheng Taihei picture day.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Liu Mian

Edit process: TF021

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