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The 2019 Spring Festival Gala highlights: Li Yifeng Zhu Yilong singing "Youth" to show up on a dunk

2019-02-04 12:37 beijing evening news TF008

This dance class program bold innovation, divided into China dream songs, celebrating the new China established 70th anniversary songs, classic songs, songs of flavor, health to the nation, bel canto, songs and other categories. Among these, both have long circulated, strong mass base classics, also has been favored by the young audience are, as well as a warm, warm heart, to express the feelings of the Chinese people Song Jin song. Compared with last year, this year the party singer clothing design more emphasis on the main tone of red.

Phoenix legend, Zhong Hanliang, Di Ali Gerba, Zhang Yixing, Dongyu Zhou sang together the "China wedding", as the opening party brings a bursting with happiness. Jackie Chan and William Chan, Deng Lun brought me happiness "" I struggle, forge ahead of the new era of a fiery passion. Lan Qin, Jiang Shuying, Tian Jing, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Xi smelt one thousand, Wu Lei sang "we are the dreamer", expressing the vitality of young people and the rhythm of youth dream. Not long ago, has just announced the upcoming retirement of Fei Yuqing, and Kelly Chan will sing the song "no sleep tonight".

Li Yifeng, Zhu Yilong sang the "Youth" to jump, will join the world elite basketball teams staged trampoline dunk, dazzling dunk show. In the program you are from the "slam master" best fancy dunks team in today's world, people eye-opening.

The strength to sing each other

On the real singing competition, the two strength of today's pop music the most recognized singer Sun Nan, Zhang Jie to attend the concert tonight "time distance" may be detonated topic. Sun Nan Zhang Jie, the soprano a thickness, a bright, distinctive, complement each other, two people in the music master who has more fans talk show rare offers this stage, let everyone in the song a touch of nostalgia in the rocks, the chorus music can not double like Faye Wong, Na Ying's song "meet" 1998 years later, can let the audience be remembered spring memories.

As a tribute to maternal love, the traveler to nostalgia songs as well as Joey Yung, Terry Lin, Sha Baoliang, han zi sang "Mom, I'm home.". In addition, in the "2018 Spring Festival evening I" promotion players Ulam Tu Ya, singing songs like "new era", the audience familiar with actor Sha Yi, Hu He couples will cross sing. To say that this year's Spring Festival Dance program "crossover" king, actor Yu Yi and singer Zahi he fully deserve, Tibetan and Mongolian singer Puncog chorus "the proud day Leng in the sky the brightest star" was arranged in the midnight after the bell. 3 is in the "2018" in the Spring Festival evening I go all the way, the ultimate success of "straight spring". Hope you hear this song the audience will recognize, collaborated with Jacky Cheung on a musical Yu Yi is indeed a "delay by acting singer".

In addition, the Jilin FAW Changchun venue, the audience will see Aska Yang, Angela Baby sang the "snow Fu", Liu Ye, Bai Yu sang "son" in Guangdong Shenzhen era; the venue, Han Xue, Guan Xiaotong, Wangjia, Wei Daxun, the typhoon cadet will also bring the song "green spring imagination", Richie Ren, Emil Chau the common interpretation of "friends", Lang Lang will serve as the piano playing.

The old artist The brightness dazzles the eyes.

The party chorus of the song "my motherland" program has a long list of shining names - Guo Shuzhen, Guang Xi, Hu Songhua, Liu Bingyi, Li, Yu Shuzhen, Yang Hongji, De Dema, Guan Mucun. Most of them older Guo Shuzhen is 92 years old, she was in the famous theatre in Moscow successfully played Tatyana in the opera "Evgeny Onegin" and "artist's career" of Mimi, was named "Pushkin and Tchaikovsky worthy of the name of the heroine". She developed a musical talent can be said to hold up Chinese music "sky", Zheng Li, Song Zuying, Yao Hong, Zheng Xulan, Wu Bixia, Zhang Baomo and other outstanding singers are Guo Shuzhen students.

For years Li Guangxi sang songs up to more than 100, "Songhua River", "sun", "Beaming with Joy Wrangler song", "Yanan song", "Premier Zhou, where are you" have been widely sung. "Wine fragrance songs fly, friends, ask you to drink the cup victory October unforgettable, with tears of happiness......" The song "toast song" is also provoked a strong response of hundreds of millions of people. Hu Songhua in the music and dance epic "the East is red" in the song "hymn" 50 in the last century, the self sing "Sen Gio Dema", "harvest song" long pass at home and abroad. "On the horse hill", "the sun rises from the grassland" and "aobaoxianghui", "the bell rang to the jade bird singing" and other classics has been sung.

The old artist and singer Liu Bingyi, his most civilians "known to the audience is the song of" sing red on both sides of the Changjiang River I offer the oil for the motherland "and the movie" sweet career "theme song," our life is full of sunshine "singer Yu Shuzhen, TV drama" three Kingdoms "theme song" rolling in the Yangtze River a "singer Yang Hongji, Mongolian Mezzo Soprano De Dema," play the tambourine sing the song "," Turpan grapes ripen "famous singer Guan Mucun.

Tonight, the average age of this group of 82 year old artist will wear costumes on stage The brightness dazzles the eyes. collective, they will get the most warm applause from the audience.

Magnificent dream dance

This year Spring Festival evening drama, in Beijing as a leader, with four local opera opera, Shaoxing opera, Huangmei Opera, such as the trunk, with the first-class masters and outstanding actor for the support, let the audience feel Chinese opera beauty, Qi Qiao, fun at the same time, enjoy the excellent traditional Chinese culture long charm and modern style. Yan Wei, Yuan Huiqin, basil, Zhao Yuanyuan, Chen Xueping, Tan yuan, Ceng Xiaomin, Meng Guanglu, Wang Peiyu, Hu Wenge performing "beautiful Opera Theater", is a famous blend, written here, but the show is the most eye-catching, one group also turned the audience adorable baby pear.

Dance is a collection of folk dance, square dance, ballet, dance, children dance and other dance forms. In particular, the program is not to be missed by the Central Ballet, Beijing Dance Academy Ballet Dance "Dunhuang flying", the program will dance the elegant flying toe and Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes beauty creatively together, represent the top level of the China ballet dancers, Sahua music, flying volley, so clever and lively the nib of the cave paintings in the reproduction stage through the ballet body language, like viewing experience for the audience to bring.

In addition, built on the surface of the stage, first appeared in the Spring Festival venue will then, land, water and air dance dance dance will be one of three performances of "blooming", Lin Chiling will lead the nearly fifty actors performed together in the water, land and air dance. The annual Spring Festival evening will be a martial arts program moved outdoors in Henan this year, Shaolin Tagou Wushu school the "Shaolin soul", twenty thousand martial arts actor's performance is quite shocking. It is reported that this will be the most spectacular show in history of Chinese martial arts program.

In the Spring Festival this year, the national moral models, era model pay New Year's call in the link, the audience will also see the "hero unit" prototype, with the actors frame scene. 2018 years 5 months 14 days, Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa in the implementation of the mission, the right seat cockpit windshield broken off, set the implementation of emergency descent. In the face of sudden, a member of captain Liu Chuanjian all crew calmly, overcome altitude, temperature and other harsh environment, in close cooperation with many departments, to ensure the success of alternate Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, killing 119 passengers and 9 crew members of the life and property safety. This true story "Chinese captain" was shooting. Tonight, the film starring Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan will come to the party scene, and "hero flight" Chuanhang unit to the National People's pay New Year's call together.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qiu Wei

Editor: tf008

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