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Daxing Changziying town thousand dumpling feast Liuminying open has been 40 years of history

2019-02-04 12:33 beijing evening news TF021

The 33 year old Zhang Jianwei, the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight drove more than 700 kilometers from Baotou back to the camp is located in the town of Tai Hing eldest son home, went to a field for the last 40 years the spring festival feast Liuminying thousand dumpling feast. Today morning, sit in the village hall, watching the wonderful performances on the stage of villagers, and the villagers together eating reeky make the dumplings, a circle of friends like to get points for 5 minutes more than 30, continuously gathered here nostalgia.

A year into the twelfth lunar month, Liuminying Village Spring Festival Organizing Committee was formally established as the organizing committee is working, all Party members and cadres, composed of cultural activities, the venue layout, dumplings, dumplings and other 12 teams, we own both division and cooperation, with the harmony. The twelfth lunar month twenty-nine afternoon, collective celebration activities officially started, the villagers have to participate in the dumplings, dumplings are composed of 38 groups, the village to 600 pounds, 800 pounds of stuffing, taking into account all the taste of dumplings with meat stuffing *, sheep meat stuffing, suxian.

9 this morning, the villagers about 1300 people at the conference hall, all Party members and cadres, young members voluntarily assume the task of serving the villagers, wearing a white shirt sleeves and little red riding hood, shuttle busy villagers end dish dumplings, toast pay New Year's call. Thousands of people went into the Dumpling Banquet Houchu, overflowing the pot in the taste of stewed meatballs, fried tofu, stewed beef, chicken stew mushrooms...... A cross in the village of old flavor dishes. At 11 o'clock in the morning, dumplings pot, thousand dumpling feast moment climax, laughter constantly sounded in the hall.

Liuminying thousand dumpling feast since 1979 has been 40 years of history. In 1979 Liuminying village Party branch under the leadership, to complete the five year plan second, by the supervisor's praise, back to the village Party branch a bonus. How to use the prize money? The village Party branch decided to use the bonus reward: all the villagers, in year thirty at noon, all the villagers together to eat dumplings. Who would have thought this Dumpling Dinner ate until today.

Now, Liuminying village dumpling feast has become the city's collective celebration of a thriving, thousands of people not only eat dumplings dumpling feast, in fact has become a major forum for the village Party members and cadres, villagers, the villagers of procedure development. Rural revitalization, beautiful countryside construction, 40th anniversary, reform and opening up new China was founded in 70th anniversary and other hot topics have become an important topic of discussion on the party this year.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Sun Ying

Edit process: TF021

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