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The Spring Festival price down nearly 30% fennel xinfade wholesale price of 2-3.5 yuan / kg

2019-02-04 11:27 beijing evening news TF021

The new year is coming, the price of fennel by the public attention. The new market yesterday afternoon news release, February 1st, the new market of fennel wholesale price is 2-3.5 yuan / kg, the week rose 22.22%. New market statistics department Liu Tong introduced in February 1st the 27th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, in the 27th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar compared to the same period last year is 3.5-4 yuan / kg, down 26.67%. This week the price of fennel appeared relatively steady rise, rise the reason is that the public for the Spring Festival stocking, retailers purchase positive, pulling prices.

Fennel is dumplings will use the ingredients, so, when the Spring Festival approaching, usually associated with dumplings ingredients will appear different degree of rise. This year the price is significantly lower than that of last year the twelfth lunar month over the same period, there are two main reasons: one is the warm winter this year is growing in a greenhouse, fennel is good, grow faster, yield is relatively high; the two is at the time of the year the price of fennel will rise, farmers can follow the growth period to control the anise, fennel the peak of the listing will appear in the spring festival. High demand and high supply period this year appear to agree, despite the price rise, rise is not great, still significantly lower than that of the twelfth lunar month over the same period last year.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yu Jian

Edit process: TF021

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