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Spring garden visitors during the Beijing municipal park is expected to 2 million 400 thousand advised the public to buy tickets in advance

2019-02-04 11:06 beijing evening news TF021

Reporters yesterday from the City Park Management Center learned that during the Spring Festival in the year of the pig, parks and scenic spots in the main gate area, activity area set up on-site garden headquarters, in accordance with the gate area expansion, reception service, security plan and contingency plans, safeguard peace and orderly and harmonious garden environment. 11 municipal park 41 main gate area arrangement of professional security personnel admission to implement security, an additional 36 of the ticket window, guarantee the peak period of nearly 200 ticket windows open.

It is reported that, according to the analysis of the Spring Festival holiday municipal park and Garden Museum in the garden this year data, the amount of the tourists is expected to reach 240 million. Xinhua news agency data figure

In addition, the response Chinese Park Association and the Beijing park management center to the National Park of Park ", and make the city better life" the Spring Festival garden proposal, municipal park and Chinese Garden Museum to increase efforts to do security work, park facilities maintenance and service work: by setting the emergency exit, the nearly 1300 additional counseling equipped with security department, counseling staff of nearly 2600, service measures and personnel to strengthen the snow field, narrow road and tourists crowded places grooming. Especially during the Spring Festival of ice and Snow Festival, Taoranting Park, Yuyuantan Park and Zizhuyuan daily security forces to reach more than 300 people, the average snow park set up 3 to 4 security emergency exit to close the ice and ice, daily patrol patrol.

It is reported that, according to the analysis of the Spring Festival holiday municipal park and Garden Museum in the garden this year data, the amount of the tourists is expected to reach 240 million. City Park Management Center will fully protect the internet ticket booking system, advised the public visitors to buy tickets in advance, reduce waiting time.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zuo Ying

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