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The 2019 aspect: the first Spring Festival Gala Ge You to Louis Liu who is worth looking forward to when the "child care"?

2019-02-04 12:11 beijing evening news TF008

The 2019 year health care fraud exposed wide concern, the gala old acquaintance of Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang will partner with Joe fir, Zhai Tianlin, for the audience in a disclosure health care fraud "sketch" son "to the" in recent years, appear not much comedy jorum Ge You portrait join them the Spring Festival debut.

As the evergreen tree of the gala, Cai Ming has appeared in the Spring Festival evening for nearly 30 years. In recent years, Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang acting sketch, left a "poison tongue Queen" impression for the audience, and appeared tonight Gala Cai Ming changed the sketch characters, turned trusting health care fraud victims.

Show the biggest surprise, is playing the sketch "son" who was actually out of the screen for ge. In the sketch, a windbreaker style appearance of Ge You, broke the good little people the impression that the customary image as an elderly health care fraud swindlers. He is willing to cheat money, Cai Ming Pan Changjiang, "old" the son, with super fraud operation if the two old people will Piandetuantuan turn, a glib liar was vivid.

Ge You said, the audience may first think of is "the story of editorial department" in Li Dongbao, and then the hair Ge You created the quite a sense of justice magazine editor, not as "human guide". The sitcom "I love my home" when shooting, although Ge You only appeared in Episode Two, but he played the "inventor" Ji Chunsheng "also reached a play not to speak make people laugh" effect. Many years later, "Ge You paralysis" overnight Huobian network, even that pink Ge You wore a flower large waistcoat unexpectedly became a "red net".

Although Ge You in the television drama role is funny play, but his name was not linked and surreal. "1997 in the past, I miss it." This is the year of new year's film "Party B" in Ge You. That year, Ge officially opened his surreal road. Since then, Ge You will bring a new year film for the audience almost at the end of every year, he from the "Party B" in the "Yao Yuan" into Be There Or Be Square in Liu Yuan, "endless" in Han Dong, "known" and "especially in If You Are The One" in Qin fen...... Until 2013 years, and the "Party B" of the "private custom" different approaches but equally satisfactory results after the release, Ge You did not continue until now "new year".

Tonight's "sketch" son "to the" in fact is also known as "Ge You", who would have thought that this popular on both sides of the Changjiang River generation comedian, was over sixty years before the first boarded the CCTV gala. In fact, as early as 2014, Ge You had started pilot film "Spring Festival Gala is seen in what" in the year of the CCTV Spring Festival gala. He said that his movies, but also play pieces not, did not expect 5 years after Ge You is really standing in the stage of staged a sketch.

"Ge uncle" comedy skill well known, but the stage comedy film and all are very different, such as the Spring Festival stage more master blows. Ge You said in an interview that he is "new", in fact, very nervous. But before the rehearsal, Ge You did not stage fright, point hit, baggage can sound, formal performance "tonight's laughter, we will wait and see. Ge You's Spring Festival debut, the Spring Festival has become one of the most anticipated.


Again "witness a miracle" who gave Louis Liu as "child care"

In 2009, Louis Liu debut in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which has become known to every family magician, the magic to the gala. Since then, Louis Liu in 2010 years, 2012 years and three times in 2013 years on the Spring Festival gala. After a lapse of six years, Louis Liu with a "magic pot" regression, show the magic and charm of magic, even he said this is the most wonderful personal magic, presumably broadcast in "witness the miracle of the moment", will set off a wave of secret magic boom. Without John Qing Dong, tonight to Louis Liu as "child care" and who will?


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qiu Wei

Editor: tf008

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