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The Spring Festival dinner and how to ensure the atmosphere does not affect blood sugar? Patients with diabetes so drink"

2019-02-04 10:50 North late micro health TF008

During the holidays, relatives and friends together, inevitably toast each other. We drink less or not drink for diabetic patients, so they can not or do not drink wine instead of what drinks, which can ensure the festive atmosphere, but will not affect blood sugar?

What is the best drink? White boiling water and light tea

In fact, we are not in favor of diabetic patients by beverage to supplement the water, because most of the drinks on the market contain sugar. For diabetic patients, common sugary drinks, such as cola, Sprite is not suitable for drinking. Because when patients with diabetes due to sweating, increased urination in the body of water, drinking sugary drinks to supplement the water, it is easy to cause the body appear hyperglycemia. Sugary drinks into the body, not to provide extra moisture, but the body does not need energy and sugar. It can not only alleviate the water shortage in the situation, and long-term drinking will increase their weight, making it difficult to control blood sugar. So if it is from the point of view of water, diabetic patients drink boiling water and light tea is the best insurance.

But with the holidays, the situation is not the same, only drink boiling water or light tea does not match with the festive atmosphere. But now the market drink carbonated drinks, tea drinks emerge in an endless stream, and fruit juice drinks, does have a superb collection of beautiful things for diabetics to drink beverages. But there are also some seemingly healthy, but energy is higher on glycemic control unfavorable drink. So we do not discuss the premise and essence additive problems, from the control of energy intake and angle of nutrients, to talk about how to choose the drink in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Certainly can not drink, carbonated sugary drinks,

Carbonated drinks in the case of Coca-Cola, according to the marked on the label of its products: 100 per ml of Coca-Cola 43 kcal. Then one bottle of 330 ml of cola, provide energy energy needed to have 140 thousand cards, diabetic patients at moderate walking speed, walking more than 1 hours to consume. And sugary drinks containing higher energy, according to the food ingredients content, common sugary drinks, fruit juice, sea buckthorn juice provides energy is the most, about 100 per ml of 325 kcal of energy. The jujube juice beverage to provide energy is relatively small, only 27 thousand calories per 100 ml. Although the amount of the energy is very different, but note that this energy is taking 100ml as basic unit.

In real life, probably in about 500 ml capacity of a bottle of beverage, fruit juice etc. so sugary drinks contain energy is very much. In addition to high energy, we also note that most of the sugary drinks containing sugar is refined sugar, such as sugar, sucrose, fructose syrup, the refined sugar into the human body can make the blood glucose sharply, seriously affect the blood glucose of diabetic patients. So, for these drinks, our advice is certainly can not drink.

It seems healthy, low in nutritional value, pure fruit juice, vegetable juice

Since the sweet drink neither nutrition, energy and high, not suitable for diabetic patients to drink, then as a healthy and nutritious pure fruit and vegetable juice is not suitable for diabetics? In fact, patients with diabetes is best not to drink this kind of beverage.

First, from the energy point of view, vegetable juice to Fresh Carrot Juice for example, every 100 ml of Fresh Carrot Juice can provide 24 thousand calories. Because the fruit contains sugar, a lot of patients with diabetes can not eat. But in fact, glycemic control in diabetic patients is stable, can be appropriate to eat fruit. If with the same amount of fruit juice, the total energy does not change much, the effect on blood sugar is acceptable.

It is important to note, if excessive drinking of vegetable and fruit juice such as beverages, or cause the energy to exceed the standard. In addition, after juicing, nutrients in fruits and vegetables will also have certain loss. At the same time as into a liquid, fruit sugar is more easily absorbed by the body, thus affecting blood glucose. So, from the perspective of nutrition and health, or directly eat vegetables or fruit better. If you want to drink, try to choose no sugar pure vegetable juice, and pay attention to drinking.

Can the health drink, drinking milk, Soybean Milk

Mentioned here refers to milk, yogurt and milk, milk and other dairy goats'milk, beverage is not sold on the market. Milk is a natural nutrient composition range, reasonable, and easy to be digested and absorbed, high nutritional value of food. The increase of milk intake, can help add high-quality protein in diabetic patients at the same time, but also increase the intake of calcium and vitamin.

The Soybean Milk contains soybean isoflavone, soybean oligosaccharides and other nutrients, but also contain high quality protein, fat content relative to other food containing high quality protein, the number is less, so the relative health of many. And Soybean Milk can also dissolve a small amount of soluble dietary fiber, low in calories at the same time, is also beneficial to intestinal health. So for diabetics, the holiday table, appropriate drinking milk and Soybean Milk as drinks, is a relatively healthy choice.

Of course, finally to remind everybody, diabetic patients daily or to boiling water or tea drinking water as the main water way as well, even if it is a healthy drink, which still contains energy, so drinking or restricted. White boiling water or tea water energy is almost zero, drinking them to supplement the water, is best for patients with diabetes.

(Department of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Department of nutrition Wei Guo)


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