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Beijing Yuyuantan Park festive folk flavor cooking Master scene teaching Chunbing dumplings

2019-02-04 10:37 beijing evening news TF008

In order to celebrate the Spring Festival, the traditional cultural experience to the public more, make the Spring Festival holiday more festive, today morning Yuyuantan Park dedicated in the Spring Festival Flower theme zone invited the folk Master cooking teacher Liu Zongqun, on-site to teach tourists Chunbing, pack dumpling, and feast on the essential Chunbing, Moo Shu Pork Sauteed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork Home Dishes etc.. Reporters on the scene saw the Master cooking from the food preparation, mixing and filling talk, and invite the public to experience the fragrance of fillings, exquisite handmade dumplings and Chunbing, attracted many tourists stop learning, common feelings of traditional culture.

Photo by Liu Ping

In addition, this year's Spring Festival Flower Park, the public can also visit the nearest school year the Spring Festival flower market, buy a pot that decorate the family spend the Lunar New Year festive atmosphere. The new year's Eve did not catch up with the chefs teaching people also don't worry, the Lunar New Year's day afternoon and third all day long park will also continue to hold the chefs teaching activities.

The reporter saw the scene today, Yuyuantan Park, red lanterns, character, such as the Spring Festival couplets, fu * cartoon decoration in the gate area, the whole park in the dike bridge along the main road, off the spring atmosphere bursting with happiness. In the park of snow season activities in the region, especially to create a snow snow village landscape, a string of golden corn extraordinarily beautiful against the White House, but also a symbol of the new year, a bumper grain harvest May there be surpluses every year.

It is understood that the Spring Festival holiday Yuyuantan Park "Fuying celebrate Spring" series of activities started, the public can receive free Fuqua, write blessing to friends and family for 2019 years, and hung in the interior of the cherry tree in the park, especially the layout of a sense of history in the background wall before a picture. Leave a new memory. Is at the beginning of the month, in the main gate park will also carry out spring send "blessing", "Fu calligraphy, postcards, fu *, Fu China knot like mascot, to the public to send a special blessing.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Ying

Editor: tf008

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