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The beginning of spring "spring cattle whip" to reproduce the Jianguomen ancient observatory site to send people blessing

2019-02-04 10:48 beijing evening news TF008

The beginning of spring, is the first lunar solar term in twenty-four solar term. Today morning, has been included in the list of non heritage "whip spring" folk activities, once again the Jianguomen ancient observatory. Alley Butler, resident representative and the spring girl not only "the cow", with whiplash from bovine stomach pulled bags distributed to the masses of the scene.

Today the beginning of spring spring cattle whip. 上午10点,建国门街道在古观象台举办第2019立春文化节“风车迎春,鞭打春牛”活动,胡铁湘摄

"Dongfeng thaw, Zhechong Shizhen, fish was negative for 14 seconds of ice, 11:14 on February 4th, the beginning of spring!" In the "whip spring" before the ceremony, the Beijing planetarium curator, Ancient Observatory director Zhu Jin first to announcing this year's spring time.

At 10:25 in the morning, "whip" spring ceremony officially opened. Along with the "spring cattle" sound of the call, a neck tie with blue silk "Chunniu" appearance, cowboy in "spring cattle" around the dance in the form of the whip spring cattle scene reduction. "A dozen good weather, two dozen, three dozen people produce good harvests......" Because this is the end of spring, therefore, gold alley Butler, resident representative with the spring girl standing on the oxtail, are decorated with flowers and ribbons waving branches whip, gently hit in the spring of cow. Whip Niu after small cattle Tong cow pulled out from full grains, meaning all next year smoothly and life filling bags, high into the air. The atmosphere suddenly boiling, to attend the "whip spring" ceremony of the residents are jumping and laughing, for air bags, all want to good luck.

立春这一天为什么要进行“鞭春”的民俗活动呢? The reporter learned that, in fact, the Customs has about 3000 years of history. In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, Zhou emperor led the local officials in the spring day spring festival grand ceremony, local officials gathered to the outskirts of villagers, to persuade villagers tuniu organization whip, the Wu ligeng. Jianguomen is located in Beijing East of the south, the five line belongs to the wood, the main development, the two generation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties held the beginning of spring and spring cattle parade and other activities through the Jianguomen area. However, the period of the Republic of China, the government adopted the Gregorian calendar, the Lunar New Year and is closely related to folk festival will gradually fade out of people's vision, spring celebration has gradually disappeared. The last time I owned record in 1911 Spring Festival ceremony, it has been nearly a hundred years. 2008 spring, the folklore experts, the Jianguomen Ancient Observatory for the first time to restore the "whip Chunniu" ceremony, Beijing disappeared nearly a hundred years of reproduction "whip spring" tradition. Now, "whip spring" activities have been included in the East region of intangible cultural heritage.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Nan

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