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Athletes preparing for the Olympic athletes Roasted Duck Xiangpiao restaurant! Beijing New Year gifts convey warmth

2019-02-04 10:28 beijing evening news TF021

A few well cooked food, a gold with "festive grilles...... the State General Administration of sport training athletes preparing for the Olympic Games in the bustling restaurant, filled with a deep sense of taste. In the 2019 year of the pig, the Spring Festival, the Chinese time-honored Quanjude staff made a special trip to the State General Administration of sport training athletes restaurant, 400 athletes and coaches of Tokyo Olympic Games, the Spring Festival can not go home with a nice new year dinner.

Left a swimming champion Liu Xiang reporter Yan Tong photography

In the restaurant, 11 from Quanjude peace stores the top chef and 4 service engineers to be in full swing busy, duck division and services division of some pieces of duck, duck and some rolls, some hot cakes, some preparation of onion sauce; chef who cooked a pot of beef, duck soup with vinegar and pepper fish, Peru preparation of chicken wings, Beijing Steamed Pork with Rice delicious dishes. Colored dishes exquisite colour and other nutrition collocation, let the players hooked. It is understood that this year several special dishes will have the opportunity to retain the nutritional menu in the restaurant in athletes.

In order to add a festive holiday, brought the APEC Water Cube "spirit of peony" duck banquet performances and Chenmian performance Quanjude chef specially for athletes. "Appearance spirit peony" stunning, attracting many players enjoyed, and chefs have come up with a mobile phone to take pictures. Cream of asparagus cake in front of the stage is full of people pull the senior pastry. Cook with a pair of hands, the formation of more than 30 thousand root wire, a total length of more than 50 thousand meters, equivalent to 5.6 times the height of the Mount Everest.

Quanjude Group relevant responsible person said: "the Chinese new year, we think these can not go home together for the Olympic athletes, in the Spring Festival, family reunion occasion, they still have to leave their parents, leaving the family, hard training, especially the gymnastics and diving team of young athletes, some only ten this year, selfless dedication, small family homes care all the spirit is admirable and touching. At the dawn of the new year, let the players eat gold Roasted Duck, healthy delicacy, is an honor of our. I wish the athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games gold and silver medals, outstanding achievements!"


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Liu Hui

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