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Folks to Beijing Beiqi women's volleyball final practice girls pay New Year's call at coach Zhang Jianzhang

2019-02-04 10:23 beijing evening news TF021

Today is new year's Eve, Beijing women's volleyball team to meet fellow Beijing fans to pay New Year's call: New Year's good luck. Yesterday, Beijing women's volleyball team in the car coach Zhang Jianzhang led to complete the final training session before the Spring Festival in Beijing. Early in the morning, the players will arrive at the training hall, before the training, Zhang Jianzhang will players together, a Caution! Told to everyone during the spring festival.

He said: "we wish you a happy holiday, home and family have a happy spring festival. In addition, I told everyone, when firecrackers, hide away and eat when we should pay attention, don't eat bad belly, but everyone should Caution. The coach was established and different position players of WeChat group, the assistant coach must be responsible for their own players such as video information collected daily report to me. I sincerely hope we all safely in the year to come back here and prepare for the League semi-final, these days we must pay attention to pay attention to the details of life."

Subsequently, the team started training. The girls before the last training, coach Zhang Jianzhang also with a sense of humor, I hope the coach to end practice early, let us go home early. Members of the old Ceng Chunlei secretly in the music player to replace a song "back" songs. When the player starts to warm up, playing accompaniment music according to the Convention, so the "back" of the song Blowing out. Volleyball girls smiling unceasingly, looking puzzled, mouth talking about coach Zhang Jianzhang, "ah! Not every time the music! You, you really can, thank you, ha ha." The girls began to laugh, accompanied by laughter, began before the Spring Festival last training. Before a final training, basic skills training is the key content of Zhang Jianzhang, the second group training.

After training, Zhang Jianzhang through the newspaper ahead for readers, fans of the "Beijing Beiqi women's volleyball team staff pay New Year's call, Beijing, wish fans a happy new year, good luck and happiness, I hope you can come to the stadium after the Spring Festival, we cheer for glory, and we will do my best to strive to success. Return the fans."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Ningwen hole and photo

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