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Shougang basketball fans to pay new year call! About the game feast is not practical every day and fitness ball

2019-02-04 10:21 beijing evening news TF021

"Take this opportunity to give everyone a happy new year, I hope everyone in the new year will be able to work smoothly, happy life!" Beijing Shougang Basketball Coach Zhang Yunsong told the Beijing Evening News readers through the newspaper, the Beijing fans pay New Year's call, "my new year wishes, hope that the team is getting better and better, return the support of the fans." This is the women's basketball team on Shougang's common aspiration.

After 13 days and 15 days, Shougang's women's basketball team to play two games with the Xinjiang team in Urumqi city. The two WCBA 1/4 playoff finals, which aims at defending the Shougang Basketball is very important. If we can win a game, then the game will be the next home court will eliminate opponents. "Generally speaking, years are not practical." Zhang Yunsong said, "the next game will be more difficult to adjust a few days, the team will start a new year for the work!" Kist said: "every year the league is so new and loved ones together, still thinking about how to play the next opponent, what kind of problems will arise, in the face of what kind of difficulties."

Especially the Xinjiang team, not a good deal. This year the regular season, the Xinjiang Team Shougang Basketball League beat, because regular season rankings, one more than the Shougang Basketball playoff home court. "Xinjiang team this season show a good competitive state." But Zhang Yunsong also stressed that the opponent who is not important, opponent is not important how, the key is to do their own. If Shougang's women's basketball team can ability to need to prepare something and have their own show, then do not fear any opponent. "Two on the road after the end of the game will certainly have different influence on the players, but I haven't so many players and chat." Zhang Yunsong said, "now say too much, may potentially increase the pressure for the team, now or in the more technical and tactical aspects of communication."

Beijing girls basketball team is the desire to win the WCBA championship. Captain Kist said: "it is hoped to win. The team can continue the good results last year. Also hope that the veteran can continue to maintain the state of play one more year is a year. The young can quickly fill up, after all, the team can not always rely on those big players. I hope the young players can grow up quickly." In the Ertix special view, the women's basketball squad Shougang had more young players to join in, she looked forward to these young people can have a more eye-catching performance. "After two or three years of League grinding, other teams of young players have been coming. Our team of young people also need more games, pay tuition, find the problem." She said, "I hope that they will be able to grow up as soon as possible, take the responsibility of the team."

Beijing women's basketball is how to live on? Veteran Shi Xiufeng said, after returning home will keep training every day, one is to go to the gym to keep power, then go to the stadium, to keep the feeling. I want to have a ball and interaction, must have that kind of feeling connected to each other." Shi Xiufeng said, "I wish in the new year, we are able to successfully defend, and hope you and your family can be healthy and happy." The Ertix special smiled and said: "just a few days, with family, relatives and friends gather together to make dumplings, holidays, so simple." Kist has a personal wish, she smiled and said: "sleep is 12 hours starting!"


Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Li Yuanfei: text and photo

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