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Xicheng District mayor Wang Shaofeng of Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Committee Secretary (resume)

2019-02-04 10:28 Beijing daily client TF008

Beijing Daily reporter noted that the site "Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Leader of the column before the update, Xicheng District mayor Wang Shaofeng, has served as the Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Committee secretary.

 Xicheng District Wang Shaofeng Ren Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Committee Secretary

According to the Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone website news February 2nd, February 1st, Wang Shaofeng in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Committee Secretary identity, attended the Beijing economic and technological development of the leading cadres of the general assembly, the Party leadership in 2018 democratic life.

Previously, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Committee Secretary has been appointed by the Beijing Daxing District Secretary Zhou Liyun.

According to reports, the Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, Yizhuang Development Zone, located in the northeast of Daxing District; founded in 1991 years, 1992 years and started the construction of foreign investment, 8 months 1994 years 25, approved by the State Council as a national economic and Technological Development zone. The overall planning area of 46.8 square kilometers, composed of high allocation of scientific planning industrial zone, the business district and the high quality of life, is one of the Metro Beijing focus on the development of high-tech industry, positioning for the Beijing Tianjin Intercity corridor and the development of advanced manufacturing industry base, and bear the responsibility of "ease the central city population function, gathering industry, promote regional development of the new".

June 1999, approved by the State Council, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone in the range of seven square kilometers were identified as Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, Yizhuang science and technology park. In January 5, 2007, the Beijing Municipal People's Government approved the "Yizhuang town planning (2005-2020 years)", clearly pointed out that in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone as the core functional areas of the Yizhuang metro metro is one of the important nodes and focus on the development of the Eastern Development Zone of Beijing. In 2010, with the Daxing District administrative resources integration in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, the formation of the new district a total area of 1052 square kilometers.

Wang Shaofeng resume (Xicheng District website)

Wang Shaofeng, male, born in November 1970, Han nationality, Shandong Province, in July 1993 July 1990, joined the Communist Party Chinese, postgraduate degree (Peking University law history), master of law, lecturer, senior engineer. The former Peking University Student Work Department of cadres, assistant, Changping Park Work Committee, deputy director of the center for cultural activities, work study center office of the deputy director, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League; Beijing Chaoyang District Party committee deputy secretary and Secretary of the CPC Beijing; director of Chaoyang District Committee, deputy Secretary of Chaowai Street office director of the Beijing Chaoyang District; the office, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Beijing municipal Party committee, Chaoyang; member of the Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department, deputy director level organization of the Party cadres at County Commissioner; Secretary of the Communist Youth League Beijing committee. Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beijing Xicheng District, Beijing City People's Government of Xicheng District party secretary, mayor.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Wu Hongli: client

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