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Party secretary Li Hongzhong Tianjin set up a special command of important committee

2019-02-04 09:58 The governor of Chang'an Avenue TF008

As one of the important measures for the reform of the party and state organs, 31 Department of Veterans Affairs under the State Council and the Department of Veterans Affairs national provinces (bureau) have been set up, and everything in good order and well arranged to carry out the work.

Chang'an Avenue governor noted that in addition to the Veterans Affairs Bureau, Tianjin city has also set up a Veterans Affairs Committee, Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Tianjin party secretary Li Hongzhong personally in command".

According to the "Tianjin daily" reported that the afternoon of February 1st, the Tianjin municipal Veterans Affairs Committee held the first meeting of the municipal Party committee, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Veterans Affairs Committee Director Li Hongzhong presided over the meeting, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Guoqing attended.

As everyone knows, do the management of retired military security work, in addition to the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as the main responsibility, but also need to finance, politics and law, civil affairs and other departments to cooperate. The establishment of the Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary led by the Veterans Committee, better coordination of relevant departments, improve decision-making efficiency, the formation of working together.

In addition, Tianjin is also the first to set up the care for Veterans Association, old comrade Gou Lijun was elected president, he served as the Tianjin Municipal Committee, municipal people's Congress deputy director. By the Central Propaganda Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs awarded the "most beautiful retired soldiers," the title of the Wudang Association elected Wang gui.

Wang Guiwu had served in the air force, by the end of 1980 retired to return, now the chairman of the Ginza in Tianjin city group. From the beginning of 1998, he has identified 16 martyrs of the mother for his mother, for the mother of filial piety for the martyrs. He also took Tianjin Ginza group in Yangliuqing into office "hero mother home", with mothers here pension.

Wang Guiwu said, to "martyrs loyal to the country, I for the martyrs of filial piety" patriotic Yongjun career has been done, a lifetime commitment.

Chang'an Avenue governor noted that in service veterans, Tianjin has been at the forefront of the country. In February 2017, Tianjin issued a "retired military personnel placement service and security work 20 measures", clearly the city's establishment of District, street (township), community level three retired military personnel service point of contact, to achieve full coverage of retired military service.

In July of the same year, Tianjin has launched the "opinions" on the further strengthening of the military priority treatment services, which clearly will be "demobilized veterans" into the scope of preferential treatment. Preferential treatment in Tianjin with a valid certificate of priority for marriage and adoption, priority in public nursing homes; priority registration, testing, inspection, medicine, etc. the travel booking priority.

Chang'an Avenue governor noted, was mainly responsible for the work of the Tianjin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Liu Jianjun, deputy director of the city has been transferred to the Department of Veterans affairs.

The 14 year old Liu Jianjun had joined the army, demobilized after entering the civil administration system, in charge of support, special care and placement, he was the Tianjin city model worker, national advanced worker.

During the Hebei District Civil Affairs Bureau of Tianjin City, Liu Jianjun in order to solve the problem of more than 300 military retired cadres of the activities in the region, the bustling location of more than a dozen times, and raised about 8000000 funds, established at the time of Tianjin's largest, fully functional military retired cadres activity center, 2004 was awarded the national advanced retired cadres.

In November 7th last year, Liu Jianjun came to the Japanese veterans Ma Ying, veterans home in Li Shuansuo, as they hung their glory, and greetings to them, thank them for their valuable contributions to the party and the state.

"Veterans, especially for the country shed veterans, is the precious wealth of the party and the country." Liu Jianjun said, "home of glory" plaque is small, but the transmission of the party and the government care for military dependents, highlighting the high honor military dependents.

2018 Army Day the next day, Ninghe District of Tianjin city at the Veterans Affairs Bureau (Group) the opening ceremony, which marks the country's first municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau was set up.

Tianjin is one of the important place of retired Department of Veterans Affairs Research trips, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Minister Sun Shaocheng, Qian Feng has led the research group to Tianjin special investigation of placement of demobilized cadres, military veterans, special care and preferential treatment management service work.

In January 23rd, the Department of Veterans Affairs held a press conference, director of the general office of Ministry spokesman Wang Zhiming introduced in 2019 the focus, service agencies to establish levels of veterans, deepen the reform of institutions, promote informatization construction, improve the service management level.

Wang Zhiming noted that now Hebei, Tianjin basically full coverage from the establishment of the provincial rural veterans administration services, better services for veterans. Next, this approach will open in the country.

Source: Chang'an Avenue governor

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