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Rear admiral Wang Zhongcai to mobilize troops across the military services are military police duties

2019-02-04 10:24 The governor of Chang'an Avenue TF008

The latest news, rear admiral Wang Zhongcai has to mobilize the armed forces across the military services, as are military duty.

Chang'an Avenue governor noted that Wang Zhongcai had for the East China Sea Fleet deputy chief of staff of the Navy, is the first "pilot class" students.

According to the "Liberation Army Daily reported that the occasion of the lunar new year, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang came to the Armed Police Corps authorities maritime police officers visit condolences.

CCTV "military reports" show, general Wang Zhongcai wearing uniforms, wearing the armed forces are military medal to participate in activities.

The left one for Wang Zhongcai

The last 6 months, according to "deepen the party and state institutions reform program" and "armed forces reform plan" decision to deploy police team under the Chinese people's Armed Police Command, set up to adjust the people's armed police forces China Coast Guard Corps, said Chinese sea police uniform implementation of maritime rights enforcement duties.

Public information display, Wang Zhongcai was born in 1963 years, Hangzhou served as the destroyer captain, commander of the Xiamen water district, the East China Sea Fleet deputy chief of staff and other staff.

Wang Zhongcai was elected in 1980, he graduated from flying into the preparatory school, school instructor navigator, flying 700 hours, after becoming the first "Navy pilot class students.

According to the "Oriental Morning Post" reported that in August 1987, the Central Military Commission opened the first and only "pilot class" in the Guangzhou Naval Academy, "the goal is to train can fly to heaven, high-quality military talents and can break the sea ship".

This class at the beginning of a total of 10 participants were from Beihai, the East China Sea, South China Sea three fleet air force and Navy flight academy, a fighter pilot, a bomber pilot also transport pilot flight time per person is different.

Wang Zhongcai and Bai Yaoping, Wang Dazhong, Li Xiaoyan, Yang Hong, Wang Yucheng, Ma Yelong, He Hu, Peng Jianlin et al to undergo a rigorous assessment of the cream of the crop to become the first pilot captain class students.

Among them, Wang Dazhong is the Central Military Logistics Department Vice Minister Li Xiaoyan, deputy chief of staff of the South China Sea fleet, Bai Yaoping was deputy chief of staff of Beihai fleet.

In July 31, 2017, the navy in Beijing held the rank of general officer promotion ceremony, 17 officers promoted to the rank of Colonel by the Navy rank of rear admiral, Wang Zhongcai among them.

However, when the king Zhongcai people at sea, not in Beijing. In April 1st, he led Chinese as commander of naval escort fleet twenty-sixth from a military port in Zhoushan sail unmoor, to the Gulf of Aden, Somali waters to replace the twenty-fifth Fleet Escort escort missions.

In August 28th, mother of twenty-sixth escort fleet alcop administration group director Wang Yingshuai's death. The sad news, Wang Zhongcai can not help feeling sad lyrics, on the table:

The plow waves the Gulf of Aden, many relatives riding a crane xian.

Tears into rain, wipe the sweat sprinkled into a lake.

There is no way a country cry kaobi filial, Li hepatobiliary.

Since ancient times, man many heroes, we have basil han.

In October 3rd, the escort fleet arrived in London to carry out a 5 day visit, this is the first visit to the British capital ships Chinese.

That fleet will come, the local Chinese entrepreneur Qi Yongqiang crafted a historical photo series, personally sent General Wang Zhongcai: "100 years ago, during the late Qing government for the Northern Navy, in British Newcastle's Armstrong shipyard built four cruisers, namely the" Zhenyuan "and" Jingyuan "and" super Yong "and" 20 ". This gift series, to express our strong desire to forget national humiliation, rich and strong army."

Qi Yongqiang said with deep feeling: "from the photo, when the Qing government followed the British soldiers sailors together, standing on the deck of the ship. Because the year behind beaten, had to go to Britain to buy ships, help dangerous road. Today we are standing on the deck of the ship, but history has changed dramatically, the mood is also completely different, we are standing in the China make world class battleship. China Navy today, so we are very proud of."

Source: Chang'an Avenue governor

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