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The latest Beijing weather forecast: New Year's Eve wind spring temperature is reduced in the downturn

2019-02-04 08:56 Beijing daily client TF008

Today (4) is the new year's Eve, the weather in Beijing is also very "awesome", the weather is fine, the wind is reduced, but the temperature decreased slightly, the maximum temperature of 4 degrees, the minimum temperature -6. Expected third days (7 days) at night, the western and northern mountainous area there will be snow. In addition, the future of Beijing, atmospheric diffusion conditions, five people friends please try to reduce or not fireworks.

Community residents through the streets, shouting "spring" spring to come "," to the neighbors spring news bulletin. Raoqiang.

Affected by cold air, the wind blowing the wind yesterday, although the temperature reaches about seven, compared with the previous day has increased, but the cold effect is obvious, body feeling is cold. Monitoring shows that the minimum temperature in the Southern Observatory at 00 12, -3.3 degrees C, the highest temperature reaches 7 degrees celsius. Fortunately, last night the north wind gradually weakened.

Beijing weather is expected today will usher in a bright new year's Eve, the temperature has dropped, but the wind will not decrease, body feeling cold than yesterday, the highest temperature of 4 DEG C, the lowest temperature of -6 DEG C. Such fine weather will continue tomorrow, the highest temperature is 5 DEG C, the lowest temperature of -5 DEG C.

6 to 7 days (the second and third day), the weather in Beijing to mainly cloudy to overcast, among them, 7 at night, there will be snow in northern and western mountainous area, and the highest temperature will drop to 1 degrees C.

In addition, 4-6 day (New Year's Eve to two days), a gradual deterioration in Beijing atmospheric diffusion conditions, not conducive to the spread of pollutants, five people friends please try to reduce or not fireworks.

Weather experts have warned that the new year's Eve and the first Beijing mostly, suitable for travel. The next few days change of weather, the temperature is low, go out please pay attention to keep warm. Dry, please pay attention to the fire.


Source: Beijing daily client

Editor: tf008

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