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Russia began selling the first anti monitor mobile phone, the price is about 8.5 million rubles

2019-02-03 22:14 Global network TF010

Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" 3 news, Russia has begun mass sales can not be invaded and monitor encrypted mobile phone Kruiz-K, priced at about 85 thousand rubles.

The Russian National Technology Corporation (Rostec) said, Kruiz-K for mass production and supply by our company Avtomatika. The individual cannot buy through retail channels, legal persons may purchase any number of telephone. "We cannot disclose the technical details of this information is confidential. The adopted technical scheme of R & D personnel of Avtomatika company and the master of the proprietary technology, the equipment can not be invaded and monitor."

Avtomatika said the phone call the owner of both internal and external, if have the same IP phone contacts, you can rest assured; a IP address can connect up to 1000 phones.



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