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Eat dumplings together! Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, bureau of postal condolences to their post express little brother

2019-02-03 17:33 beijing evening news TF020

Tomorrow is new year's thirty, at noon today, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, postal administration, city express Association and stick to work together on behalf of the line express little brother to eat dumplings spring.

Picture: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce

At noon, Municipal Bureau of Commerce staff restaurant, a courier staff Municipal Bureau of Commerce Secretary Yan Ligang and SF, postal EMS, Jingdong, the U.S. group, Suning and other companies, eat dumplings and chat. Dinner, Yan Ligang detailed understanding of every express little brother in the Beijing family life, work and employment situation, listened carefully to your views and suggestions on the development of the capital express.

Yan Ligang said that general secretary Xi Jinping once again came to Beijing, visit the capital of grassroots cadres and the masses, fully reflects the general secretary and the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the work of the capital, solicitude to the people in the capital, we are deeply moved and inspired! In recent years, the city's electricity supplier to maintain rapid growth, increased from 2010 120 to 2018 billion years of 2632 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 21 times, 2018 online retail sales growth stimulating social zero 2.1 percentage points, the proportion of the city's social zero amounted to 22.4%, a record high, to increase social zero contribution contribution rate of over 79%, the proportion of the contribution rate were higher than the national 4 percentage points and 34 percentage points. The electricity supplier has become the new energy to promote economic growth, and express is an important part of the development of the electricity supplier indispensable. The express daily processing capacity of more than 10 million, the peak of 22 million, annual per capita volume of more than 100 pieces express. These cannot do without the express of 11 million staff for their hard work.

SF EXPRESS Hufang operating station south Qi express little brother talked with General Secretary Xi handshake time, very excited. Qi said the general secretary Xi Jinping to the south, his concern and care, more determined he worked in the courier industry confidence! In the future, he will work harder, guarantee every delivery safety, timely sent to the hands of consumers!

Yan Ligang said the next step, Beijing will fully implement the "Beijing logistics industry to enhance the three-year action plan", strengthen the logistics base construction, improve the distribution center and distribution center network layout, promote e-commerce and express logistics high quality coordinated development, improve the efficiency of delivery, express little brother little run away!

Take out riders engaged in ordinary work, connecting millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of users, their light and heat for the normal operation of the city. A survey showed that the "charge address right", "timely phone" is their most urgent hope for the user.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Reporter: Sun Wenwen on duty: Feng Rui

Edit process: TF020

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