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The occurrence of measles epidemic! Beijing City CDC: recently to the United States should pay attention to personal protection

2019-02-03 15:34 Beijing daily client TF008

According to a recent report, due to loopholes in vaccination measles outbreaks occurred in a state of emergency in Washington. Since the year before and after the Spring Festival in the city will enter the season of measles epidemic, many public so nervous. Today, Beijing City CDC said publicly that the measles in recent years has been at a low level, reminded recently to the area residents of the United States, should pay attention to personal protection.

Xinhua news agency data for measles vaccine

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention website reported that the United States in the 2000 year that achieve the goal of measles elimination, therefore, once the input of measles virus caused by local residents as an outbreak of measles. As of April 29 1, Washington confirmed cases of measles were reported 37 cases, patients aged 1-29 years, mainly in Clark county. The main reason for the outbreak is caused by the accumulation of the local part of the parents refused to vaccinate their children for immunization risk cause. At present, the state has introduced a bill that prohibited parents for non-medical reasons refused to vaccinate their children.

Beijing City CDC said that measles in a common respiratory infectious disease which including China is still the most parts of the world, according to the epidemiological characteristics of measles before and after the Spring Festival every year, the city will enter the season of measles epidemic, often in 3-5 months to reach the peak of the epidemic.

The incidence of measles in Beijing city in 2018 is relatively stable, the annual report of measles reported incidence rate of 0.51/10 million, significantly lower than the average level of recent five years. Reported cases in adults.

All along, children under the age of 6 the city's free with three doses of measles containing vaccine reported vaccination rate was maintained at more than 99.6%; 3-5 months a year for migrant workers to provide free vaccination of measles vaccine; other inoculation of the will of the people can go to vaccination outpatient vaccination, the crowd has established the effective immune barrier.

The Spring Festival is more frequent personnel flow, after a large number of personnel to Beijing, Beijing, may cause the risk of local virus input and spread, but there is less likelihood of a wide range of measles outbreak.

CDC remind the general public:

Measles is an infectious disease of respiratory tract, the propagation force is very strong, in the crowded, poorly ventilated environment, easier to achieve communication. Recommendations to the hospital all patients, especially in children, should wear a mask into the treatment site.

Timely vaccination is key to protect the health of children, so parents must be in accordance with the appointment with children vaccinated against measles. If a child has a vaccine situation as soon as possible to the vaccination clinics to replant vaccine.

If you find yourself or children have a fever, cough and other symptoms, and in the ears, neck, trunk and limbs and other parts appear red maculopapule, as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment, take the initiative to the fever clinic, and wear a mask. If you are diagnosed with measles, should according to the doctor's hospital or rest home quarantine and treatment, prevent the virus to their family or colleagues.

If the recent travel to the area residents of the United States, or to pay attention to personal protection. To have had measles or measles vaccination history of the residents there is a risk of infection.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Liu Huan client

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