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At least 11 people died and 4 children were killed in the collapse of an apartment in Aleppo, Syria.

2019-02-03 13:54. China News Network TF003

According to the "Central News Agency" quoted by Syria media reports, local time in February 2nd, Syria, AlPO City, an apartment collapsed, at least 11 people were killed, including 4 children.

Xinhua News Agency

Rescuers recovered a child from the ruins of the collapsed 5 story apartment building, the report said. It is reported that the collapse of the house took place in Salaheddin, which is the only survivor.

By the end of 2016, Salah had been bombed by Syria government forces before recaptured several areas under rebel control. There are very few reconstruction projects in the local ruins and are implemented by the public. The government's public works are limited to the reconstruction of infrastructure.

It is reported that the area is full of collapsed buildings, and many of them still can see that the northern city has experienced 4 years of fierce wounds and many buildings are on the verge of collapse. The United States once estimated that rebuilding the local devastated houses and infrastructure costs 300 billion to 400 billion dollars.

(original title: the collapse of an apartment in Aleppo killed at least 11 people and killed 4 children).

Source China News Network

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