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The temperature of the Midwest rapid rise 25 degrees warmer in Chicago

2019-02-03 13:47 TF003

According to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reported on 3, the midwestern United States this week by the "polar vortex" invasion, many breakthrough low temperature record of 50 degrees below zero, has so far caused 21 deaths. 1, the American Midwest to the northeast of Chicago by rapid temperature recovery, minus 30 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees below zero, the temperature reached 25 degrees.

Data figure Chicago Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ping photo

According to the U.S. Midwest weather center news, the "polar vortex" in the United States around 340 record number of records, the low temperature to the Midwest traffic paralysis, pipe freezing, power outages, flights canceled. The ice floes along the river through the center of Chicago, the Niagara rapids are frozen in some places, the lakes are covered in snow half place.

The "polar vortex" effect, Chicago January 31st temperature was dropped to 30 degrees below zero, but in February 1st has risen to 5.5 degrees below zero, a local resident said "feels like spring". Meteorological experts said that in parts of the Midwest, the future temperature will rise, pick up in a short time.

Reported, is expected to 4, the northern region of England area to the South American Midwest temperatures will rise 4.4 degrees to 10 degrees. The National Weather Service meteorologist Hurley said: "from the previous temperature will be 29 degrees below zero, to 4, rose to nearly 10 degrees, like a heatwave."

In addition, the UK also occurs at low temperature. Sue Glenn Boureima in January 31st, the temperature reached 14.4 degrees below zero, is the UK since 2012 minimum temperature record. 1, Heathrow Airport canceled some flights, the England and Welsh hundreds of schools closed.

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