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Beijing first aid for the first time in the history of severe neonatal emergency transport way of inter provincial mayor in Inner Mongolia Ping arrived in Beijing

2019-02-03 15:43 Beijing daily client TF008

After long-distance transport, 5 and a half hours this morning, Inner Mongolia patients with necrotizing colitis of premature and low birth weight infants, the ambulance arrive smoothly in Beijing Bayi children's hospital.

It is reported that the provincial road transport emergency mayor severe neonatal emergency center, is the first time in the history in Beijing, is also the Beijing prehospital first in the history of.

2, 12 pm, Beijing emergency center received emergency calls, the First Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia city of Hohhot has a low birth weight premature infants with necrotizing colitis, need surgery immediately. Near Hohhot hospital had no neonatal surgery, not surgery, patients need emergency transport to Beijing Bayi children's hospital.

Neonatal transport is extremely difficult, need incubator, special neonatal ventilator, need more professional medical professional and technical personnel, with neonatal transport experience. Inner Mongolia ambulance were told to transfer due to equipment problems.

Beijing first aid center decided to use neonatal transport vehicles to perform this task. The Eastern Branch Center Deputy Director Liu Jiang, social service center, long team driver Jin Wenhui Jiang Xianming formed the transport team, to perform this task.

Beijing emergency center neonatal transport vehicle is a professional configuration of transportation of critical neonates in the ambulance, the car is equipped with electric stretcher, incubator, neonatal special vehicle ventilator neonatal professional medical equipment, the implementation of the Beijing City severe neonatal transport task.

14:20 on February 2nd the transport team of 20 arrived at the First Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia of Hohhot City, went straight to the resuscitation room. The children were born only 28 weeks, weighing 1700 grams, necrotizing colitis, received tracheal intubation, warm cases nursing. Doctor Liu Jiang carefully debugging the parameters of the ventilator, warm temperature.

Day 22, transport, 23:17 children appeared restless, doctor Liu Jiang emergency disposal. Both pilots take turns driving, vehicle nonstop to Beijing.

Today (3 days) at 3:30 in the morning, an ambulance arrived in Beijing Bayi children's Hospital, patients with stable vital signs, the successful completion of the task.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Liu Huan client

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