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The 6113 was rated A-class labor protection enterprise government investment projects "zero wages for two consecutive years"

2019-02-03 13:17 beijing evening news TF017

End of the year under paid home every worker is the biggest wish. Reporters yesterday from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, the city rule less keep spending "has achieved remarkable results, the top 6113 A-class enterprises for labor protection, government investment projects" zero wages for two consecutive years".

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It is reported that in 2018 the city launched a creative to pay the deposit bank guarantee cash substitution approach, for high quality credit enterprise no arrears of wages within three years can be exempted from the guarantee. This approach can effectively protect the payment of wages for migrant workers, and revitalize the precipitation funds 1 billion 750 million yuan corporate deposit since 2008. For government projects, strict implementation of the project, not in full settlement, the settlement enterprise prepared in advance the amount of 25% as the wages of migrant workers reserve ", realizes the government investment projects for two consecutive years of" zero wages "target.

The city is also actively accepted 12345, 12333, WeChat, micro-blog, etc. the letter accepting the case, the formation of a "point, the city's complaints linkage system, really let people complaints" gate ", in 2018 received and processed more than 1.8 pieces.

In 2018 the city construction and development of the system of labor security credit rating evaluation of Beijing City, to evaluate the city's 22170 enterprises, including a 6113, B grade 15976, C grade 81. According to the evaluation results, the classification of dynamic regulation. A-class enterprises within three years if no complaints or reports, may be exempted from inspection; B class enterprises, only to carry out a written examination within three years; C enterprises are included in the key regulatory target.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Dai Lili

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