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The spring festival sports feast forecast: "the United States Gala on New Year's Eve staged to Wu Lei debut

2019-02-03 10:34 beijing evening news TF017

The new year! In addition to reunite with their families, to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve, watching the Spring Festival Gala, during the Spring Festival there are many sports feast waiting for everyone to enjoy. Known as the "Spring Festival Gala" NFL Super Bowl will be staged in the new year's Eve in the morning. Liuyang to the Spanish team for the international Wu Lei as early as possible in the 2 3 April 29 also is on the first show, another game in the Spanish 2 10 April sixth, looking forward to the Spring Festival holiday, Wu Lei in La Liga debut.

Wu Lei (middle) data figure Xinhua News Agency photo: Cao Can

On the twenty-nine February 3rd

3:30 Serie A Juventus VS Parma

NBA 9:30 VS Lakers Warriors

19:00 Villarreal VS Spanish La Liga

2 month 4 days of the new year's Eve

0:30 VS A Senna of Manchester City

4:00 French Leon VS Paris Saint Germain

7:30 NFL Super Bowl Losangeles rams VS new England Patriots

The beginning of February 5th

4:00 VS of the Liverpool Premier League West Ham

9:00 NBA VS Indiana Pelican

11:00 NBA king VS Spurs

2 6 April 2

3:45 1/8 the German Cup final Dortmund VS SV Werder Bremen

9:00 NBA VS76 Toronto

11:30 NBA Miami VS Portland

2 7 August third

3:45 cup 1/8 finals Bayern Berlin Herta VS Munich

3:45 Everton VS Manchester

11:30 NBA spurs VS Warrior

2 8 April 4

9:00 NBA VS Lakers Celtics

11:30 NBA spurs VS Portland

The fifth day of February 9th

NBA 8:00 VS76 Denver

At 23:00 the Premier League Liverpool VS Bournemouth

23:15 VS La Liga Atletico Madrid

Early February 10th

Paris VS Bordeaux Saint Germain Ligue 0:00

1:30 Spanish Spaniard VS Valle Cano

At 1:30 the Bundesliga Bayern Munich VS Schalke 04

The seventh in February 11th

At 0:00 Chelsea VS Manchester City

AC Milan VS Cagliari Serie 3:30

9:30 NBA Miami VS Warriors


Source: Beijing Evening News

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