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The play and the general "when" the mayor! Yao Gang had a wish because of high anti filming five cans of oxygen a day.

2019-02-03 10:37 beijing evening news TF021

Is the CCTV broadcast of the "sail" and eight CCTV broadcast "general Hong Xuezhi" two plays with the actor starring Yao Gang. The two shows the realization of Yao Gang two - Yao Gang was once the ideal growth in military culture, thus to create a positive image of the military, is also one of his ideal, this ideal can be achieved in the "general Hong Xuezhi". The play, he played Hong Xuezhi's 70 years of military career life. At the same time, he was born in Dalian to Lushun, has been hoping to have a reflection of port city development process of the TV drama, and the integration of cultural elements in the unique port city. This ideal is realized in the "sail", he played just the courage to play the mayor Jin Haidong edmonton.

This ideal can be achieved in the "general Hong Xuezhi". The play, he played Hong Xuezhi's 70 years of military career life.

Good actors play any role

Yao Gang as a teenager with the teacher to study acting troupe. At that time he did not think too much, just for fun. At home in the vicinity of the club, often from around the country show, all of this made him the budding actor dream. Later, Yao Gang entered the Dalian Repertory Theatre, and was admitted to the Dalian School of art, finally embarked on the road of professional actors. When the actor is very hard, not only need to have professional skills, also need the opportunity. Actor Yao Gang road is not Everything is going smoothly. Ten years ago, in a career slump, there have been a few years he left Beijing, also left the show. Back in Dalian, opened a 600 square meter shop upstairs, downstairs is a bar, cafe and restaurant. But the actor dream is always in Yao Gang's mind. "Still want to realize this dream." Yao Gang said, "but there are people looking for you acting, so back to the line." Return to the actor industry, entrepreneurial experience let Yao Gang have more life experience, let him feel the performance and a big step forward. In his opinion, actors need training and accumulation of life, to better feel the role. He felt that the present age, you are at your best when.

Is the CCTV broadcast of the "sail" is a reflection of the development of Bohai city mayor Yao Gang's works, gold is a very down to earth's leadership. When angry, he would bang bang patted the table; see under the clothes about, will also reach out to help organize. In such a natural expression can be seen behind, carefully designed to show. Yao Gang admitted that his love life can be seen playing character and "because you can find practical reference". Like the "sail" the mayor Jin Haidong, as the local CPPCC members Yao Gang often can see officials at the meeting. Therefore, in the role of the shape of gold mayor, he also has a lot of prototype for reference. "Play this role is more life better, more simple and better."

Since 1991, in the first part, Yao Gang has created hundreds of different personalities, different people's identity. Behind the changeable character, is the pursuit of his characters decades of dedication, as well as in life hone, improve the sense of performance. He was once considered "villain specialist", because of its shape in the "hidden" in the Dai Li, Peng Ruixiang's "energy-saving", "the new five" Yi Bao played a negative role Taishi too deeply.

Yao Gang said with a smile, that time go on the road are unattractive. But he doesn't care what roles are positive or negative characters, only wonderful script. As he gave the definition of "good actor": "the first things to better play, second is to do a good job. Both of them are indispensable." Newspaper reporter Jin Liwei

Hong Xuezhi deep into the drama

"General Hong Xuezhi" premiere conference, Yao Gang first saw video broadcast on the screen before the tears on the spot. For this drama, he will do a lot of homework after receiving the script, repeatedly went to Anhui Lu'an Jinzhai to visit Hong general family, old men, visit Hong general Memorial, through a variety of details to really go into the age of death, understand the kind of fearless spirit, looking for inspiration to create characters. Yao Gang took his inspiration to integrate performance, for example, he said: "the great flood is the general experience of life, bitter and sweet have had, when he was the lowest, put him to Jilin, especially in fields that, I told the director of the scene, he should be the most happy life according to the time, this kind of feeling to show, because he still believe the party, believe that the party will not abandon us, we must be thinking. So he mingle in the countryside and farmers, to help villagers build up the family fortunes, and all his experience is one of the happiest moments. Although I am now in trouble, but I'm not wrong, I love the party and the people. In support of this belief is very happy every day." Finally, Yao Gang's efforts and acting ability has been recognized by the Hong general family.

"General Hong Xuezhi" the time span of up to 70 years, during filming, Yao Gang with the crew fought all over the country, from an altitude of 4800 meters below the Northeast Sichuan Plateau winter to summer island, to regain the Hong old general revolution footprint. Naturally, the process of shooting very hard. Shooting in the ABA's Long March scenes of grass, starring their legs in the mud bubble bubble to finally lose consciousness, pinch completely know the pain, in the shooting scenes when climb mountains just to catch up with the snow, and Yao Gang was in serious and high reflection conditions, require interpretation due to a comrade from the WTO sorrowful cry heavy scene, then almost shoot a have a suck oxygen, smoked a day off five cans of oxygen. In the process of shooting hard, Yao Gang said: "although took hundreds of works, but after so many city to complete a role, this is the first time. General Hong Lao his military life, civil war, identity is always servicemen. As an actor, to have the opportunity to complete the interpretation of a great man, is a very fortunate thing, meaning no less than a spiritual baptism."

From the beginning of 1991 to play the first movie, Yao Gang produced "unable to play" still feels like the first time. "To be honest, seven or eight years ago, I still feel this feeling too deep into the drama." He said, in a few months after leaving, even in life, Yao Gang will not consciously into the state of "Hong Xuezhi". "The debut for so many years, there are two characters that I am particularly impressed, one is" Mao Zedong and his son Mao Anying ", the film took eight months, another is Hong Xuezhi. Because this film shows the life of Hong Lao, when he died at the age of 94, the day he is still active duty, his experience has always been infected with me. When you enter the character, not many words, it is the person to say." Yao Gang said, "general Hong Xuezhi" after the end of filming "invincible" loyalty, he finally became a war hero as a warlord, a few times patting patting you feel wrong, he realized that his still Hong Xuezhi, quickly stopped, and a.

Art Criticism: "sail" short tree fresh air

TV drama "sail" aired on CCTV prime time has achieved very good feedback ratings and social repercussions, the drama of the reform to the theme, focusing on the development of the city, making the excellence and other characteristics, get a positive assessment of the audience and the industry. Research on the "sail" held in Beijing, the leaders and experts on the "sail" theme, artistic features, characters and social repercussions of the multi angle in-depth discussion, the "leading industry", meaning "strong documentary and unique dramatic aspects of gaining recognition.

The "sail" in which he played the courage to play the role of mayor Jin Haidong honest people.

The famous literary critic Li Zhun spoke highly of the "two characteristics" set sail, one is short, only 28 sets, this kind of courage is worth advocating "; the second is the new content, although only 28 sets, but there are a lot of fresh content and thought flash point. Wang Yichuan also believes that the "sail" 28 sets of space, "consciously take the lead to curb the boring fabrications unhealthy, and establish a concise narrative of fresh air." Liu Meiru, deputy director of the State Administration of radio and television drama department also pointed out that the "sail" is certainly in length, with industry leading significance. "It is very rich in contents, the theme is very deep, but the deep lofty conception in the 28 set in the space in the form of a story showing expression, very compact, no water, no drama, this is the leading meaning for our industry."

Appraisal meeting, Communication University of China professor Wang Weiguo put the "sail" and "feather", "Zhengyang flying under the door" small woman made a contrast. "The" sail "this drama is very unique, the lens to the party's 18 years of deepening the reform of the reality, is one of the most fresh gift show with contemporary social life, follow the historical trend of the reform and opening up." "Literary newspaper" art director Gao Xiaoli suggested that most see in many of the "reform and opening" as the theme of the drama is a kind of memory, and the "sail" is directly into the moment, can be positioned as a new era of the textbook. She also believes that the "sail" with a distinctive political realism style of art, this is a new discovery in the aesthetic of this drama is the breakthrough of this kind of subject. The director of Chinese TV Artists Association Zhao Tong research department also believes that many performance of reform reality show is "review" and "sail" is "looking forward", "let the audience see the wonderful today today."

"Sail" not only has the reference value and the city at the helm of the cognitive textbook, but also with a strong documentary and unique dramatic art has made an important contribution. Hunan TV Artists Association vice chairman Sheng Boji evaluation of the "sail" is a good book, a political declaration on strong reform and a full economic blue book textbook. "Not only has ever encountered problems in the reform, the government also encountered more did not solve the problem." Wang Yichuan, Dean of the Peking University School of art is that the "sail" is a lively practice of new smart city concept.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

Edit process: TF021

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