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Play the general and become mayor again! Yao Gang had a desire to suck five cans of oxygen a day.

2019-02-03 10:37. beijing evening news TF021

In the eight sets of CCTV's "sailing" and CCTV's "Hong Xuezhi", the two plays are the actors starring Yao Gang. These two dramas have realized Yao Gang's two ideals: Yao Gang grew up in the military cultural atmosphere from childhood, so it is one of his ideals to create a positive image of the serviceman. This ideal was realized in admiral Hong Xuezhi. In the play, he performed the wonderful life of general Hong Xuezhi for more than 70 years. At the same time, he was born in Lushun, Dalian. He always hoped to have a TV play reflecting the development of the seaport city and incorporated into the unique cultural elements of the seaport city. This ideal was realized in Qi hang. He played the role of Jin Haidong, mayor of integrity and love for the people.

This ideal was realized in admiral Hong Xuezhi. In the play, he performed the wonderful life of general Hong Xuezhi for more than 70 years.

Good actors are competent for any role.

Yao Gang studied and acted as a teacher in his teens. At that time, he did not think too much, just thought it was fun. In the club near home, there are always performances from all over the country, all of which promote the sprout of his actor's dream. Later, Yao Gang entered the Dalian drama troupe and was admitted to the Dalian art school, and finally embarked on the road of professional actor. When actors are very hardworking, they need not only professional skills but also opportunities. Yao Gang's actor road is not smooth sailing. More than a decade ago, in the low tide of performing arts, he left Beijing for a few years and left the show. Back to Dalian, opened a 600 square meter shop, upstairs is a bar, downstairs is a cafe and restaurant. But the dream of actors is always lingering in Yao Gang's heart. "I still want to dream this dream." Yao Gang said, "and someone else will play with you, so you are back in this business." Returning to the actor industry again, the experience of entrepreneurship has given Yao Gang more experience in life and made him feel that his performance has taken a big step forward. In his view, actors need to be trained and accumulated in order to feel their roles better. He feels that at the present age, he has arrived at the best time.

CCTV's set sail is a reflection of Bohai's urban development. Yao Gang, the mayor of Kim, is a very popular leader. When he is angry, he will clap the table, and he will stretch out his hand to help clean up when his subordinates are disturbed. Behind this natural expression, we can see the actor's intention to perform. Yao Gang said frankly that he liked to play the role of prototype in life, because it "can find realistic reference". Like Jin Haidong, mayor of "sailing", Yao Gang, a member of the local CPPCC Committee, can often meet officials at all levels during the meeting. Therefore, in shaping the role of mayor Kim, he also had many prototypes for reference. "Playing this role is that the better life is, the more plain and better it is."

Since his first role in 1991, Yao Gang has shaped nearly 100 characters with different personalities. Behind the changeable characters is his persistent pursuit of character creation for decades, and his continuous awareness of performance in his life. He was once regarded as a "villain specialist". Because of his Dai Li in the "latent", Peng Ruixiang, playing the role of Pang taishu in the five heroes of the new pack of green sky, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Yao Gang jokes that walking on the road at that time is not attractive. But he doesn't care whether the characters are positive or negative, and only chooses wonderful plays. Just as he gave the definition of "good actor": "the first thing to play is better, and the next is to do well." Both are indispensable. " Newspaper reporter Jin Liwei

Hong Xuezhi was deeply involved in the play.

At the premiere conference of admiral Hong Xuezhi, Yao Gang saw the first time in front of the screen, and the scene was filled with tears. For this drama, he did a lot of homework after receiving the script. He visited Lu'an, Anhui and Jinzhai to visit the Hong general family, the old subordinates, and visit the Hong general Memorial Hall. Through various details, she really went into that era, and understood the spirit of being fearless of death and finding inspiration for making figures. Yao Gang put his feelings into the performance. He said, for example, "the greatness of general hung is in his life experience. He has had bitterness and sweetness. When he was at the lowest tide, when he was sent to Jilin, especially in the countryside, I discussed with the director. That play should be the happiest time of his life. He acted in accordance with this feeling, because he always believed in the party and believed that the party would never abandon us, he would certainly think of us. So he mixed up with the peasants in the countryside to help the villagers get rich. It was also the happiest time for all his experiences. Although I am in trouble now, I am not wrong. I love the party and love the people. With the support of this belief, every day is very happy. " In the end, Yao Gang's efforts and solid acting skills were recognized by his family.

Admiral Hong Xuezhi lasted for more than 70 years. During the shooting period, Yao Gang fought with the crew in various parts of the country, from the Western Sichuan Plateau of 4800 meters to the northeast of subzero winter and then to the island of summer, and regained the revolutionary footsteps of general hung. Naturally, the shooting process is extremely difficult. During the shooting of the long march in the Aba Prefecture, the actors' legs soaked in muddy water until they were unconscious. They pinched and did not know the pain. They caught up with the snow when they were shooting the snow mountain. Yao Gang, in the case of serious high opposition, needed to interpret a heavy drama that was mournful and sad because of his comrades leaving the world. At that time, almost one shot had to be sucked up by oxygen, and five cans of oxygen were sucked out one day. For the hardship of filming, Yao Gang admits: "although hundreds of works have been taken, it is the first time that many cities have been swept away to complete a role. General Hong Lao lived in the army all his life and fought for the north and south. As an actor, it is a great honor to have the opportunity to fully interpret such a great character, which is no less than a spiritual baptism.

From the beginning of 1991, the first play began, and Yao Gang felt "unable to play" for the first time. "Honestly, seven or eight years ago, I still couldn't feel such a deep feeling." He said that in the months after leaving the drama group, even in life, Yao Gang would unconsciously enter the state of "Hong Xuezhi". "After all these years, I have been impressed by two characters. One is Mao Zedong and his son Mao Anying. The film has been photographed for eight months, and the other is Hong Xuezhi. Because this film shows Hong Lao's life. He died when he was 94 years old. He was an active serviceman on that day. His experience has always infected me. When you enter the state of character, a lot of unspoken words are really what the characters want to say. Yao Gang said frankly, "admiral Hong Xuezhi" ended after the film "loyal invincible". He played a warlord who finally became a hero of the war of resistance. Several times he beat and pat it and felt it was wrong. He realized that he was still in Hong Xuezhi, hastened to stop and another.

Art critic: "sailing" is short and fresh.

The TV drama "sailing" has won a good reception feedback and social repercussion since CCTV set up a golden file. The play's attention to the theme of reform, the focus of urban development and the improvement of production has been positively evaluated by the audience and the industry. Qi hang held a research and appraisal meeting in Beijing. The leaders and experts of the conference held in-depth discussions on the theme, artistic features, personas and social repercussions of Qi hang, and were affirmed in terms of "industry leading significance", "strong documentary and unique drama".

In sailing, he played the role of Jin Haidong, the mayor of integrity and love for the people.

Li Zhun, a famous literary critic, highly commentate the two characteristics of sailing. One is short space. "Only 28 sets, such courage is worth advocating"; second, content is new, although there are only 28 episodes, but there are many fresh contents and ideas. Wang Yichuan also believes that the 28 episode of "sailing" is "consciously taking the lead to curb the unhealthy trend of boredom, and set up a concise and lively narrative style." Liu Meiru, deputy director of the national television and radio administration of the State Administration of radio and television, also pointed out that "sailing" is worthy of recognition in terms of space and has the guiding significance of the industry. "Its content is very rich, the theme is very deep, but the lofty lofty idea in the 28 set of space in the form of a story to express, very compact, no water injection, no dog blood plot, this has a guiding significance for our industry."

At the seminar, Wang Weiguo, a professor at Communication University of China, compared the voyage with the flying feather feather and the little woman under the gate of Zhengyang. "The voyage" is very unique. It focuses on the reality of deepening the reform since the eighteen party, and it is a most fresh tribute drama that closely follows the contemporary social life and keeps pace with the historical trend of reform and opening up. Gao Xiaoli, director of the Art Department of the literary and art daily, puts forward that most of the dramas in the theme of "reform and opening up" are a kind of recollection, while sailing is directly into the present and can be positioned as a ruling textbook in the new era. At the same time, she believes that "sailing" is a realistic style of artistic creation with a clear political comment, which is a new discovery in aesthetics and a new breakthrough in such subjects. Zhao Tong, director of the research department of the China Television Artists Association, also believes that many realistic dramas that show reform and opening up are "retrospective", while sailing is "forward-looking" and "let today's audience see today's wonderful."

"Sailing" not only has the reference and cognitive value of the textbook for city helmsman, but also makes important artistic contributions with strong documentary and unique drama. Sheng Boji, vice chairman of the Hunan TV Artists Association, said that sailing is a strong declaration of implementation, a strong blue book and a rich economic textbook. "Not only have problems encountered in previous reforms, but also at present, governments at all levels face problems that have not yet been solved." Wang Yichuan, Dean of the school of art at Peking University, believes that "sailing" is a vivid practice of the new concept of smart city.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

Process editor: TF021

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