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The IAAF indoor tournament Wang Yu pick silver two times a week over 2 meters 30 mark

2019-02-03 10:26 beijing evening news TF017

Beijing time this morning, the IAAF World Indoor tour Saikaersi Ruhe station in Germany held China's Wang Yu in the men's high jump to 2 meters 31 personal indoor best runner up in the two time in a week to break the 30 mark of 2 meters. The 26 year old Japanese player Tonabe Naohito to 2 m 35 of the outstanding achievements won the championship, the project created a world best this year.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency photo: Li Xiang

This is the next game Wang Yu within a week, 1 27, in Czech's Justo pecce high jump match, Wang Yu to 2 meters 30 won the championship, becoming Russia's Yukov, 2 m 30 players this year the world's second-largest skip. Karlsruhe station is the IAAF World Indoor tournament next 7 contestants in the men's high jump project.

Wang Yu from 2 meters 18 jump and easily pass. Then 2 m 22, 2 M. 26, 2 M. 29, Wang Yu is a through. Japan's Tonabe Naohito is also a 2 meter 29, create a Japanese man indoor high jump national record.

Good condition of Wang Yu and Tonabe Naohito, 2 meters in 31 and all at once. Tonabe Naohito continues to refresh the National Indoor record in Japan, two people also drew Yukov to create a world best this year and Karlsruhe station tournament record. All the other players did not skip this height field left on both Asian players.

The impact of 2 33 meters height, Tonabe Naohito state brave man, the next jump in the bar. Wang Yu failed twice, finally a shock 2 m 35, but unfortunately failed, runner up. The user side straight over 2 meters in the three shocks in 35! The world level results, although Brazil's 2 meters away from the 41 Asian Indoor record for some distance, but Zhang Guowei has more than 2 meters 33 Chinese maintain national indoor record.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Jiakun

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