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Beijing Municipal Standing Committee held an enlarged meeting to convey important instructions to learn the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visited condolences at Beijing

2019-02-03 08:40 General Administration TF010

Yesterday morning, the Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting to convey important instructions to learn the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visit condolences to the. Party secretary Cai Qi presided over the meeting.

The meeting stressed that in the Chinese traditional festival the Spring Festival is approaching, general secretary Xi Jinping in his busy schedule again to visit Beijing, visit condolences to the masses of cadres at the grassroots level, and made important instructions on related work. Of the party since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Beijing four times, five times of Beijing delivered an important speech; this year it is in just half a month two times to visit Beijing condolences, which fully reflects the general secretary of the people's profound friendship, attaches great importance to the work of the capital and great care, let us feel the warmth much inspiration and encouragement. We should conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important instructions spirit, tree prison "Four Consciousness", "firm four confidence", "two maintenance", and the general secretary Xi Jinping's loving care and expectation into a powerful driving force to promote the new development of the capital, with greater enthusiasm and be enthusiastic and press on the mental state, struggling to open up a new situation in the capital of the work, give a satisfactory answer to the party and the people.

Meeting the requirements to set up 70th anniversary new China promote all aspects of work for cohesion. From the beginning of this year is an important time node, are pushing us forward incentive target. We want to focus on the future of a series of important historical node, we should think deeply about what to do, should be what kind of change to the people of the capital, what should make contributions to the development of the cause of the party and state. To set up a new 70th anniversary Chinese celebration as a guide the work of the city this year's "Gang", to make major event service guarantee, strengthen the construction of "four centers" function, improve the level of the "four services", promote the development of high quality, to show the new as new era capital.

Meeting the requirements, and earnestly safeguard the security and stability of the capital. Capital safety is the priority among priorities of political security and social stability. To a profound understanding of their mission responsibilities, enhance the sense of urgency, firmly establish the bottom line of thinking, to assume the maintenance of security and stability of the capital of the first responsibility. Has always been to maintain political security as an overriding priority. Strictly implement the responsibility system of ideological work, strengthen ideological and political work in Colleges and universities. Carry out the investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes, to public security risks, and resolutely prevent serious accidents. The strict restriction of fireworks during the Spring Festival to do the work. Grasp the political and legal team building, incentive and guide them to shoulder the sacred duty of safeguarding national security and social stability.

Meeting the requirements, to promote the overall protection and promotion of the old city. A city of historical sites, cultural relics, cultural heritage, is a part of city life. To the spirit of being highly responsible for the history, the attitude of the people, the old city to upgrade with the protection of historical relics, preservation of historical context of unity, let history culture and modern life. To expand the scope of protection of historical and cultural blocks, alley, quadrangles, celebrities, restoration of historical texture. Push forward the axis inscription protection, dig the cultural connotation, the more historic time-honored old objects, retain, retain old Beijing nostalgia and memory. Renewal is the key to the revival of the old city district, to the interests of the masses in the first place, to explore the public toilet revolution, "symbiosis Institute" mode, to achieve a new life of the old alley. Perfect "one quarter community service circle, add convenience stores, farms and other service facilities. Job classification of garbage treatment, gradually realize the alley full coverage of property management. Adhere to shared governance, with long, the streets alley Butler, play a role to develop the ability of district planners responsibility, self development and self renewal.

Meeting the requirements, and strive to improve the level of protection and improvement of people's livelihood. Around the "7" "Five", dedicated to the people's livelihood grasp. Continue to deepen the "street Xiang Department report whistle," adhere to the reform, some people call, I have to be careful, run the masses doorstep. Continue to strengthen the community construction of deliberative democracy, and the masses have more consultation, enhance their sense of belonging. Express little brother, catering, cleaning, sanitation, security, property management and household industries such as ordinary laborers, are an important force in city operation indispensable, to give care to help them in their work life.

Meeting the requirements to make good preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic winter. In order to improve the political stance, a profound understanding of Beijing as "the great honor and responsibility double Olympic city", always adhere to the "four do Austrian" concept, put the preparatory work and the implementation of the strategic positioning of the capital city, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development combined with traction, and improve people's health level, meet the people a better life together sure, do a magnificent, extraordinary, outstanding Olympic games. To accelerate the construction of venues, events, event service and good for the medical rescue work, to further promote the popularization and development of ice and snow sports. Strictly implement the clean and do Austrian requirements, the Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games run as pure as snow and ice. Create a new landmark in the capital city from the revival of the height of the new era, the implementation of the new Shougang area planning, focusing on the protection of the continuation of the old industrial culture, positive development and utilization of resources to promote the transformation of the development of the Olympics.

Meeting the requirements, persevere grasp style construction. Many grassroots masses, always put the safety and well-being of the people at heart, full of passion to help them solve their practical difficulties. The trend of investigation and research, and resolutely overcome formalism and bureaucracy, thought to be used in their careers, concentrate on development, step by step to do a solid job. The Spring Festival is approaching, should be concerned about the production and living of the masses to arrange water electricity gas heat, protect the holiday market supply, rich cultural life festival, let the people enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring festival. Departments at all levels should conscientiously do emergency duty, cadres in the post, public holidays. Strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure delicate gas is during the holiday season.



Source: General Administration

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