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Ge You, Zhai Tianlin, Zhu Yilong, Tian Jing, Deng lun...... Who has the pig Spring Festival?

2019-02-02 18:45 beijing evening news TF020

Tonight, a CCTV studio of 2019 is wildly beating gongs and drums the Spring Festival Gala broadcast before the last row. The long-awaited, the CCTV Spring Festival evening chat, behind the scenes preparations for the traditional Spring Festival Year customs "2019" Spring Festival evening tonight at 19:00 on the line, as the "Spring Festival happy auspicious, add festive atmosphere bursting with happiness".

Ge You Xinhua news agency data figure

In the "2019 Spring Festival Evening", a small robot will be interspersed with behind the scenes story behind the CCTV Spring Festival gala for the mining, more and more groups show creative staff lively debut, in advance for the national audience to send new year wishes. Among them, by the netizen called "long in bursting point man on" Shen Teng, why is the requirements of scene imitation "little princess" expression package? Yue Yunpeng Yueh Sun, the cooperative partner for many years, the upcoming meeting of the details. In addition, for the first time to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Zhai Tian Lin joked he was actually "Spring Festival evening eat melon body", Zhu Yilong what tactics to resolve "the Spring Festival holiday urging parents? The layers of suspense, will be in the "2019 spring" was announced one by one. Not only that, Sha Yi, Hu He, Dongyu Zhou, more gas boy, Wu Lei turns to visit more CCTV story behind the big secret, please look forward to tonight in the upcoming "Spring Festival Gala" official account (micro-blog, headline number, 100 number), CCTV video App, App CCTV, CCTV Spring Festival evening, CCTV news App micro mobile Internet line the 2019 "Spring Festival evening".

The Spring Festival Gala Evening 31 4 rehearsal, has revealed a lot of information ahead of the Spring Festival gala. Many older artists invited to the stage, the song "my motherland" by a group of age 82 years old artist sang together. In addition to the veteran in command, the gala will also more opportunities for young people, Li Yifeng and Zhu Yilong to join the world's outstanding artistic performance basketball team, to create a wonderful "jump" dunk show. Jackie Chan and William Chan, Deng Lun, a new era of moving the fiery passion. Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Wu Lei, Yi Xi smelt one thousand, Jiang Shuying, Dongyu Zhou, Tian Jing also to "drive" the full attitude, the expression of the vitality of the young people and the rhythm of youth dream.

The Spring Festival Gala language programs to record the current hot livelihood, straight from the heart of good life realism works. The famous actor Ge You will debut the show for the first time, Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang show sketch "partner" to the "son", to give exposure to expose fraud and other illegal acts, criticized the social evils in laughter at the same time. "You see" sketch acting to castigate the formalism and bureaucracy bad style, show the grassroots anti-corruption achievements. These works will be the hot social issues miniature presentation, serious topic echoes with the burden of humor. Sketch "office story" by Yan Ni, Yiwei Zhou, Shen Yue and the team led by love to laugh, look onto the workplace struggling to work hard for young people, between people and people advocating honest. For the first time on the Spring Festival Gala young actor Zhai Tianlin said: "since childhood grew up watching the Spring Festival Gala, boarded the stage very sense of ceremony". Actor Tong Dawei said that "although the difficulties encountered during rehearsals, but to the Chinese people around the world are watching the new year's Eve feast, to break through the self, showing the best feel stage."

Source: Beijing Evening News

Reporter: gold Level Watch: Wang Xiaoyang Wu Xiaoming

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