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Beijing joint law enforcement departments to purify the rural consumption market of spring festival mainly for the food category

2019-02-02 17:18 beijing evening news TF003

Recently, many departments of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, market supervision and Management Bureau, bureau of Commerce to carry out joint enforcement action against Changping District, Shahe Zhen Nan Bai Shan Zhen Meng Lizu village a village in rural market food, mainly for the consumption of leisure food, drinks, meat and meat products such as spring festival food category, the focus of law enforcement "three noes, counterfeiting, infringement of" copycat "and other illegal acts.

Reporters from the Rural Agricultural Bureau of Beijing city was informed that the joint law enforcement operations work in rural areas is one of a series of fake and shoddy food special rectification action in Beijing city. The special rectification action since December 2018, which lasted 3 months, focusing on the impact of rural small workshop, the rural masses of life and the fake food most susceptible to small shops, small stalls, small restaurants, small traders and other food production operators and the rural market, food wholesale market, focusing on remediation of rural consumption of large amount of convenience food leisure, food, drinks, spices, milk and milk products, meat and meat products and other food products; focus on the fight against counterfeiting, infringement of "copycat" food, food, "three" fake and inferior, over the shelf life of affecting rural health of consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of the illegal acts.

Since the rectification work carried out, the cumulative law enforcement officers dispatched more than 4.8 people, check the main production and management of more than 2.6, destroyed 85 dens selling fake goods, counterfeit and shoddy food 68 cases, effectively deter the rural fake food illegal behavior. The rural market joint enforcement action but also to further purify the rural consumption market of the spring festival.

Beijing will take the special rectification action as an opportunity to gradually promote the long-term governance mechanism of rural food, comprehensively regulate rural food market order, and constantly improve the level of food safety and guarantee capacity of rural.

Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen editor Zhang Jianhua

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