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"Cherry free" a new opinion: there are anxiety someone 10 days to sell a million

2019-02-02 15:12 Beijing daily client TF008

"Cherry freedom" is a recently popular word, a new signal about consumption upgrade "young people".

Data figure oriental cherries IC for map

The word comes from the recent Shuabing article "26 year old, a monthly salary of ten thousand, can not afford to eat cherries". The author said: "some people on the surface bright, secretly even can not afford to eat cherries". Some of the girls in financial freedom from low to high into 15 stages, the most basic is spicy free, then milk free, free, free video site membership, free coffee, takeaway cherries of freedom, freedom, freedom of dress lipstick.

The article, many users have started in the online computing relay and the "circle of friends" cup of cherries cherries photography contest single price, let cherry fruit industry "appeared again in C during the spring festival".

Users have the sun out of cherries to buy, a price calculation......

When you are still anxious can not afford to eat cherry midnight, while the Dongfeng sales businesses, cherries just 10 days has achieved nearly 1 million.

There are businesses cherries 10 days sold nearly 100 million

With the Spring Festival approaching, cherries supermarkets began selling.

Reporters learned that, before the Spring Festival (January 18th - January 28th) in just 10 days, a well-known chain store fruit cherries sales to achieve nearly 1 hundred million of the small target, at the same time the enterprise overall sales of 400 million, cherries accounted for a considerable share.

The reporter visited Beijing several line supermarkets, cherries and strawberries occupy a prominent position in the fruit zone, the sale is very hot.

In Daxing District Xihongmen Jingkelong supermarket, the reporter saw a box of 200g Chile cherries price 29.8 yuan, the Spring Festival has become a high-frequency people buy fruit selection.

"Before Beijing no cherries this kind of thing, think of the new year is coming, buy back to the old taste fresh, I think the price is cheaper than in previous years." A citizen told reporters that the Chinese new year home visitors, also appears to have all put on a turning cherry.

In Daxing District South Green G-Super import high Midian in the supermarket, the reporter saw the cherry box on the shelf piled to the brim. "There are 158 yuan 1kg installed, there are 588 yuan 5kg.

Now the new year to cherry pop boxes to send, transportation is also convenient." Green G-Super staff told reporters that the loading box cherry is becoming one of the most popular choice before the Spring Festival to send people to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival annual ceremony.

"With the upgrading of consumption, people on the fruit taste, purchase channels, service experience and other requirements are also getting higher and higher." Baiguoyuan responsible person told reporters that the previous channel due to market reasons, cherries not extensively into the "ordinary people", in winter to eat cherries (i.e. imported cherries), is often a goodly thing, "now logistics upgrade, so that consumers can directly from Chile and the United States and many other countries to obtain high-quality imported fruits cherries."

It seems that cherries is not too high to be reached what a rarity, and with sales call, supply channels open up, and further reduce the possibility of future price. Even for wage earners, cherries free is not far away.

But change an angle to think, why should we persist in pursuing a "drying out of happiness", is a kind of icing on the cake "free" and pay a high price.

Can not achieve the freedom of cherries and how? Do not eat strawberries?

Can not achieve the "Cherry free" how strange?

"Poor scholar dead" has not dissipated the haze, "Cherry free" has become a new term provoke public opinion.

At first glance this, presumably a lot of people's first impression is "in my heart again", but a Zamo will find that this is the familiar formula, familiar, familiar with the "anxiety chicken soup", but "2 hours from the ingredients from the commuter" into the "can not afford to eat cherries". Even regardless of the author's intention, only along the original idea of rational view, a monthly salary of 10 thousand can not achieve the "Cherry free" how strange? Can not afford to eat cherries on the rendering of "quality of life is poor, is groundless statement.

As a kind of imported fruits, cherries preservation requirements, the transportation cost is expensive, the cost of a lot of mixed, the inevitable price is not low, for everyone's life is not what. Even if the north of Guangzhou, a monthly income of ten thousand white-collar workers, excluding the cost of living, it is difficult to eat much food".

Similarly in our neighboring countries reflected more obvious. Due to the geographical environment, land status, Japan and South Korea are all the basic imported fruits. Take watermelon, in Chinese belongs to common daluhuo, summer season when ordinary people a day in South Korea but be nothing difficult, but the "nouveau riche for genuine goods at a fair price". South Korean star Choo Ja Hyun was eating watermelon on the headlines, eat 4 apples more by the majority of Korean women envy. This paper applied logic, is because most people can not achieve "watermelon apple free", "Japan and South Korea will come with certainty of people's life quality is too poor" conclusion?

These years, "trafficking anxiety" has become a can not lose business, more and more people began to pour into the track, to harvest the leek. Looking ahead, the circle of friends from time to time will be the emergence of a number of highly similar explosion of articles, and against the growing surface. From the "Beijing 20 million people pretend to life" to "middle-aged children" from the workplace "; a monthly salary of thirty thousand can not afford a vacation" to "time to abandon you, will not say goodbye". The middle, middle age, workplace, education, house all kinds of anxiety, overwhelming; "flow first" ideology, it seems that nothing can become rich, you hit me "means.

Around the anxiety, an industrial chain has been rolled out: anxiety: Anxiety -- development of chicken - sale spread -- making new anxiety - the development of chicken new chicken soup...... This industry is like a game loop between the virus and the vaccine. But the virus come from, how many people can the efficacy of a vaccine, at a loss of faith, and blindly follow the payment. Head first into the audience? Not only the acquisition of spiritual salvation, but was more anxious to no solution.

"Rumors stop wise", trafficking anxiety also stop wise. In fact, the youth who do not work, who lives not hard, for the reader, and in an explosion in this paper to find comfort, as down-to-earth today have a good life. After all, who can have eternal life.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yuan Lu Changan (by rain) observation


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