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Spring fast check Beijing Railway Station around the food found no substandard products

2019-02-02 14:50 beijing evening news TF003

The upcoming new year's Eve, Beijing Railway Station to usher in the spring peak travel, passenger traffic increases rapidly. Dongcheng District food and drug administration law enforcement officers focus on cooked meat products, preserved fruits, beverages, cakes and other food, increase the intensity of rapid detection. At the same time, combined with the third party testing organization for special sampling of preserved fruits, Roasted Duck, sauced meat products, bread, cakes, instant noodles and other dried fruits, beijing. As of now, near the Beijing Railway Station has not received unqualified report, rapid detection of 38 samples found no substandard products.

Law enforcement officers in the Beijing Railway Station near the supermarket and specialty Lee beef noodles, KFC and other fast-food chain enterprises in the specialty supermarket inspections focus on examination of the Roasted Duck, pastries and other specialty food and all kinds of travel fast food sources, food purchase ledger, certificate of inspection etc.. The fast food chain, the larger flow of people, focus on checking whether the strict implementation of the purchase inspection certificate and invoice, health examination of employees, tableware disinfection system, clean sanitation, and kitchen and the operation process of link dish is essential to compliance with the provisions of.

Dongcheng District food and Drug Administration Deputy Secretary Yuan Shun introduced during the Spring Festival will further increase the area of food and drug management business inspections, inspection of key lock smoked cooked meat products and instant noodles and other travel fast food in Beijing specialty foods, fast food chain enterprises, small and medium-sized restaurant food hygiene etc.. The key to strengthen the supervision of the three kinds of food: Beijing specialty foods, such as Beijing Roast Duck, candied fruit, Beijing style cakes; two is a common travel fast food, convenience food, such as bread and cakes, soy products, drinking water and beverages; three is high risk foods such as winter, salted, smoked, wax cooked meat products etc..

The source Beijing evening news reporter Yang Bin photography editor Yang Bin Zhao Liyi

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