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The Spring Festival in Beijing weather forecast: extreme low temperature overall to visit relatives and friends

2019-02-02 13:18 beijing evening news TF003

Just the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued the Spring Festival holiday weather. The Spring Festival holiday is expected to 2019 (4-10 day) without persistent haze in Beijing, extreme low temperature, no obvious large-scale rain and snow. The night of 4 to 6, diffusion conditions have deteriorated, reduced visibility. Affected by cold air, the temperature has dropped to 7 after the Spring Festival, the night does not exclude the western and northern mountain snow weather may appear; about 4 northerly winds of 8 to 9 at night during the day, 6, 7 gust.

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North China area

Is expected to have a strong cold air activity and a snowfall weather process in North China during the Spring Festival, no persistent haze, there is less likelihood of extreme low temperature.

7-10, affected by strong cold air, a large part of North China has about 5 northerly winds, gusts 7, 8. Among them, Shanxi, southern Hebei, central and southern Inner Mongolia significant snowfall. The late cooling significantly, Western Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Beijing Tianjin Hebei temperature decreased 4 ~ 8 DEG C, the Hetao area will drop 8 to 10 DEG C.

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During the Spring Festival, the overall weather conditions conducive to public travel, visiting relatives and friends, but the need to prevent the possible snowfall and strong winds during the North China cooling the adverse effects of weather on traffic and outdoor activities during the spring festival.

8-9 large wind, please pay attention to do a good job in the city and the forest wind and fire. The Spring Festival at low temperatures, coal-fired heating users need to guard against gas poisoning. Note that the ice sports safety, do not slip ice in the field.

Beijing evening news reporter from photo editor Ding Zhaowen

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