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Internet users to participate in the red war in full swing enthusiasm remains high

2019-02-02 10:05 beijing evening news TF003

There is a major Internet Co Hai new year, Spring Festival is like a raging fire to bribe activities. This year, netizens enthusiasm remains high. As of late February 1st, 160 million people have gathered Alipay Wufu, 1.5 enterprises for nearly 14 million workers to send customized cover WeChat red, lucky users "more than 4000 UnionPay flash pay cloud swept out of 2019 yuan in cash envelopes, there are about twenty million people in all of today's headlines card, waiting to cash 300 million. On the eve of Spring Festival is expected to total, several well-known Internet Co red envelopes sent a total of more than 3 billion 500 million yuan, while the number of this year to participate in the Chinese New Year red envelopes will also hit a record high.

Red war Li Jia mapping

1 billion: show the amount of red record

This year, Baidu over Taobao, the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala "become" exclusive network interactive platform, but also the Spring Festival this year, red interactive contract. The first high-profile debut show red interactive Baidu and red, out of a total of up to 1 billion yuan. This is the history of the total amount of the highest red envelopes show interactive. As of late August 1 2, has 130 million people in Baidu "fukurokuju Choi Hi, good luck Chinese ten years" good luck card, wait for the new year's Eve 19 up 1 billion in cash envelopes.

2015 year Spring Festival, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Tencent WeChat team cooperation, "universal grab red" link in the new year's Eve at about 22:30, the user can through the shake open grab provided by the corporate sponsors WeChat is worth more than 500 million yuan in cash envelopes, single envelopes the maximum amount of 4999 yuan. 2016 year Spring Festival, Ali Alipay beat WeChat Tencent competing in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala RED Interactive qualification year on New Year's Eve, Alipay took a total of 800 million red envelopes of cash, in addition to several rounds of the fight luck over 100 million yuan a red envelope, the user can also collect Wufu to split 215 million yuan in cash envelopes. In 2018, Ali sent Taobao cooperation with CCTV, issued a total of 600 million yuan bonus and prizes.

Do not easily bind bank card

With the reality of the red, red hair Internet companies want to become can spend money, are not open around the bind bank card withdrawals, otherwise no matter how much money grab also just lying on the digital mobile phone. This year, many users see Baidu so rare and generous, can't help but to pull out the wool, but the thought is not easy to grab the envelopes only through the "Guyu" wallet binding bank card withdrawals, and some hesitation. 90 Ms. yuan expressed her concerns to the reporter: "for security reasons, I don't want to spend so much APP to bind bank card. I use Baidu to search, not for payment, loan or financial. You really want to pay or money, WeChat and Alipay are not enough enough for me, as well as the bank's APP. When the cost is little Xiaoman wallet."

The same problem also exists in today's headlines, vibrato, Sina micro-blog and other non payment APP activities in red spring festival. Some of the APP users told reporters that they are very tangled to bind bank card. Some netizens said that if the super big red tie card, cash after unbundling, or just participate in a grab red, does not bind the bank card. Netizens said, now the disclosure of personal information so serious, not to block 80 Fen casually bound bank card, even if bound, after withdrawals will unbind, after all these APP provides most of the content is free.

Expert: it is difficult for users to draw on the red envelopes

Financial commentator Zhu Bangling pointed out that 2014 years of WeChat spring festival planning activities to grab red, has attracted millions of new users to use mobile payment services. Since then, the Internet giant's Spring Festival activities to grab red rampant. "Behind the red war is Chinese technology giants future strategic layout growth focus, is also the latest industry trends. According to statistics, the current Internet industry to obtain a high-quality customer cost about 100 yuan 300, was off the high cost. The face of the high cost for the customer, the giants naturally will not give up any chance to win over users. Behind the lively red marketing giants have their own thinking, called welfare, is actually a user of the dispute, the dispute and the realization of ecological financial dispute.

The financial center of the Internet Suning financial research institute director Xue Hongyan said, with Baidu in the spring, the degree of financial force Xiaoman greater determination Spring Festival marketing. In contrast, has already formed a monopoly position in the market of WeChat and Alipay to pay the payment of this year's Spring Festival a lot of low-key red activity than ever. The Spring Festival Gala marketing properly can expand the user base, but to expand market share and enhance the user base is not equal, in the context of the convergence of the scene, from the user to change the active user card, in addition to make up the short board on the scene, the more need to change the user payment habits, the operation is very difficult. The degree of Xiaoman wants to change the payment market pattern is unlikely.

The source Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Pinqiu editor Feng Rui

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