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Beijing energy subsidies start on the first day the most popular color TV refrigerator washing machine

2019-02-02 10:00 beijing evening news TF003

Yesterday, Beijing city is the formal implementation of new energy subsidies. The reporter learned from several stores, the first day of the new deal, refrigerator, washing machine, color TV appliances three most popular consumer attention, appliance stores have a day for energy subsidies of nearly 800 single.

Yao public had paid attention to the imminent implementation of the new energy subsidies, yesterday morning, Mr. Yao came to the nearest home stores in the United States, chose a two energy-efficient refrigerator, after the discount price of 2399 yuan. In accordance with the energy-saving subsidy policy in Beijing City, this refrigerator can enjoy 8%, namely 192 Yuan energy subsidies, less than 3 minutes, Mr. Yao will receive 192 Yuan energy subsidies. "Energy subsidies policy in Beijing city is really very good, can enjoy real benefits."

Like Mr. Yao this time before the Spring Festival to enjoy the subsidy policy of citizens is not a few. Reporter visited the market, several line stores and online business, yesterday received a lot of advice, the refrigerator, washing machine and three color TV products of most concern. Beijing Gome said, closing yesterday at 12 in the evening, stores a total of nearly 800 single subsidies for energy-saving.

In fact, consumers in Beijing, for energy-saving appliances subsidy is not strange. In early 2011, Beijing city started the promotion of energy efficient appliances pilot work, to give financial subsidies to the units and individuals to purchase in accordance with the relevant standards of household appliances. In 2015, Beijing city again to start a new round of energy commodity subsidies, and subsidies will enjoy expanded to nine categories of products. In 2017, subsidies to upgrade again, according to energy-saving emission reduction energy efficiency rating, different categories of goods, from 8% to 20% subsidy standards.

This new round of energy-saving emission reduction policies to promote consumption in the formal implementation of the 2 month 1 days, for a period of 3 years. In accordance with the policy, to meet the requirements of consumers to buy TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, water heater, microwave oven, hood, gas stove, toilet, shower, air purifiers, bicycles, electric cooker, induction cooker and household electric fan and other 15 categories of goods given up to one piece of energy saving and emission reduction 800 yuan of financial subsidies.

The BOE for reporters, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce for the new category of product registration has not been completed, so the electric cooker, induction cooker and household electric fan of the 3 new categories of subsidies in February 1st will start immediately after the filing of Beijing City Commercial Bureau completed notice the start line.

Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying editor Feng Rui

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