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Guangxi city traffic bureau of Liuzhou municipal Party committee secretary angrily: two months off the whole bad end group!

2019-02-02 09:05 The governor of Chang'an Avenue TF008

The taxi chaos is serious, the masses of secretary of municipal Party committee Voices of discontent. Anger!


Yesterday, the Guangxi Liuzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection held a plenary session, the party secretary Zheng Junkang of the "ultimatum" to the city traffic bureau within 2 months of bad governance taxi chaos, take away the whole team. Just last month, Zheng Junkang on the spot just because other real estate developers, causing hot friends.

Chang'an Avenue governor noted that Guangxi has become a common practice to rectify the style of cadres. At the end of last year, Beihai City Bureau of administrative examination and approval just because of indifferent to the masses, is a collective dismissal.

In February 1st, the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the twelfth session of the seventh plenary meeting. Zheng Junkang when talking about the work style of cadres said, taxi and charges, carpooling and other serious phenomenon, the masses Voices of discontent.

Originally, Liuzhou city car charges phenomenon is particularly serious, passengers should divvy up the fare to carpool, but the results of price. Zheng Junkang said on the spot, give two months if not effective governance, accountability, Department of transportation.

"If the traffic bureau manage taxi chaos, take away the entire team, sent people to dare tube tube, can not let the affected the image of Liuzhou." Zheng Junkang stressed that to focus on the masses of the pain points of difficulty focus, efforts to solve the problems against the interests of the masses, let people feel the changes brought by the style of construction.

Chang'an Avenue governor noted that not long ago, Zheng Junkang on the spot just because other real estate developers, causing hot friends.

Last December, Zheng Junkang held a forum on the work report of municipal Party committee solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life on behalf of.

At the forum, one from the real estate industry representatives, in the hope that the government to introduce a relatively positive inventory policy, for example, when buying third Suites in public, open loan policy, which can not only digest the real estate stock, also facilitate the people to buy a house for investment or rental.

The results, Zheng Junkang said in response: the house is on the spot to live, I hope everyone has a house to live, do not want the price is too high. If the price is too high, all the money to buy a house, no money to buy other things, do not have the ability to consume. So, I don't want high prices, I want you to bring down prices.

The real estate industry representatives answer: we have already reduced. Zheng Junkang also stressed: the drop is not enough, I hope you are more than a drop point!

Zheng Junkang's statement caused hot friends, many people said, to give the party secretary praise: the house is not for speculation, the more money the more, the more the poor poorer, praise to the secretary!

Beihai municipal Party committee held a rectification work style and optimize the business environment will work

The governor of Chang'an Avenue, Guangxi under the cruel, great efforts to rectify the style of cadres has become.

Last December 13th, Guangxi Beihai Municipal Committee held a rectification work style and optimize the business environment work conference, announced on the spot on the team, the administrative examination and approval authority collective dismissal decision.

Originally, when at the beginning of the month, the Beihai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission sent Fangzu, make unannounced visits to investigate the relevant units, found the city Bureau of administrative examination and approval due to the administrative service hall regulation is not in place, the staff there, window style is not the real sense of the masses, as well as individual window settings is not reasonable, individual items required materials other outstanding issues.

Beihai municipal Party committee secretary Wang Naixue said at the meeting, shocking the unannounced visits to check out the problem. Some of the staff indifferent people, let the people long queues, work time playing mobile phone, sleep, eat snacks, browse and work related web pages; rush hall at half past two in the afternoon to open the door, advance to the work of the people can only wait in the cold rain, the staff will not let the door; the printer is out of paper, called people to change nobody move.

Not only take away the entire team, Wang Naixue also called, will be a thorough investigation of normalization, found in strict together, will not be tolerated.

Beihai, Guangxi Autonomous Region Party Secretary Lu Xinshe praise.

Not long ago, in the Guangxi people's Congress Luxinshe 13 second meeting is praised: this seriously, resolutely adjust director no cadres move, widely recognized by the community, worthy of praise.


Source: Chang'an Avenue governor

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